How being a good girl can hurt you

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There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a good girl. Everyone loves a good girl and even though some people believe its boring to be good, at least everybody agrees that it is good to be good.

Being a good girl brings you respect amongst other nice things, however, being a good girl might be doing more harm to your relationship and friendship with other people.

Good girls are more likely to keep quiet and give people more chances than everyone else will, that is,  they’ll most likely offer excuses on behalf of the people they are with. This however might do more harm than good to them and the relationship.

As a good girl, keeping quiet might just not be the way. For example, when your man does something you find very annoying,  you don’t say a thing, because you don’t want to set him off or cause a fight. But the big question is, Are you happy? Does keeping quiet about it make you feel better? If not, then why in Pete’s sake aren’t you voicing out your opinion?

By the time you are ready to talk, chances are that you’d have swallowed so many things and when you eventually blurt it out, it’ll damage/ruin things.

So how about you try being less of a good girl in some situations?

Good girls tend to give excuses. Oh he’s just very angry at the moment… Or he’s broke now, I’ll just ask him later… Or what I think is the worst, he knows I don’t like this and he’s doing it, maybe I did something wrong.

Do NOT always give excuses for your partner. When something happens, find out the reason its happening. Don’t go through the rest of the day assuming something in your head in the name of excuses. Nobody is asking you to be dramatic, but at least know the real reason behind someone’s action and stop giving them excuses every freaking time.  If you don’t ask now, your relationship is likely to end the day you eventually do, because your man would believe you’ve “suddenly changed” and are now complaining about things that never seemed to matter.

Good girls are known to “swallow” more than an average woman would. So most times,  they get crap tossed their way.this isn’t being a good girl, this is settling for less and this is acting the fool.

Talk and walk when your patience and calmness is being taken for granted.

Simple and clear.



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