Guys Only: 9Kind of Women you should run from

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Your ex:
It’s advisable not to return to a past relationship especially if things did not end well. I know we remember our ex in a moment of weakness, especially when lonely but going back would only last for a short time, only to regret it.

Your wife’s best friend:
She could be tempting but the end result could destroy everything you have worked hard to build. Never get too close to your wife’s friend no matter what.

Your Neighbor:
Just because she is next door does not mean you have the right to go in and out. At first it could be fun but soon she would be expecting a relationship and questioning who comes visiting you and before you know it, she has moved temporarily into your apartment. Best of luck.

Your best friend’s sister:
Avoid getting involved with your best friend’s sister. It would put a strain in your friendship and your pal could feel stabbed in the back. If things don’t work out, you are also likely to be at risk of being punched in the face for hurting his sister.

Women who carry Bad Luck:
Some women have come to kill and destroy. Am not getting religious here but some women have a lot of negativity and evil around them. If you find yourself associated with such women you could suddenly experience bad luck. Watch out!

Women who have bad reputation:
Run for cover. I know dating her can be fun, especially if she gives freely to any man that asks. If you can’t be seen with her outside while do it.Do not give into temptation or you will rue your decision for the rest of your life.

Ms gold digger:
Stay away from her, unless you want to dash her your entire savings. Not only will she expect you to take care of all her needs, but will also pick faults with you and blame you for spending too much time with your family and friends. It won’t end there, her “advisers” will encourage her to take you to the cleaners when she wants to get out of the relationship, as she is tired of it.

Your co-worker:
Maintain a high level of professionalism at your work place. Maintain only a work related relationship with your female co-workers and don’t go beyond that. Do not give into temptation by asking her out for a drink after work or you would end up starting what you cannot finish.

Your friend’s ex:
If you value your friendship with your friend, avoid dating his ex. Word will go around your circle of friends and it will do no good for your reputation. Besides, it could strain your relationship,if he has not completely moved on and make things awkward whenever all of you decide to socialize with friends. Also, it might look like the lady is trying to get back at him through you. Avoid being used.

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Seyi Peters

Seyi Peters

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