Gay blogger Sues BET Network for Forcing Him to Dress Like a Man

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Celebrity blogger must have felt really embarrassed seeing himself clad in menswear while he hosted BET Awards red carpet. He felt he was dressed inappropriately. The flamboyant, openly gay blogger sued the entertainment network for forcing him to wear men’s clothing.

B. Scott sues BET Network

B. Scott told TMZ the BET Network “humiliated” him during the recent BET Awards by snatching him off the red carpet and forcing him to change from a feminine outfit into something more appropriate for a man. BET had hired B. Scott to host the Style Stage during the 2013 BET awards pre-show in June.

Instead of refusing the network’s request to change his outfit, Scott complied with the demand by changing quickly into a men’s tuxedo suit that he brought with him. But despite the quick compliance, Scott says the network replaced him anyway with biological female actress/singer Adrienne Bailon.

Scott says he was further humiliated when BET Network ordered him to “mute the makeup,” and pull back his flowing, shoulder length hair.

BET apologized to Scott, who runs the popular Love B. Scott blog, but Scott rejected what he called BET’s “half hearted” apology.

Scott, who does not live life as a female, says he suffered “damage to his reputation,” and he accused BET of discrimination based on his gender identity and sexual orientation. He is seeking $2.5 million in damages.


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