Four things Men should NEVER say to a Woman

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Its all there in black and white but most men still don’t see it.

Anyway, here it is written down for you. Maybe you should print out, make a copy and keep for future references? So you won’t at least say we never told you.

Here are six things a woman never wants to hear a man say to her.

1. You’ve added weight: aka you look fat. When a woman adds weight, she knows. And trust me, she is very conscious of it and wants to work out the flabby parts. But when as her lover you blurt it out to her then her level of insecurity is likely to rise plus she’d feel very hurt and even if she never mentions it, she’d not dress in front of you as much, neither would she want to have sex as much or eat as much with you.

2. Can’t we be a little like *insert name of other couple here*: whenever you feel the spark in your relationship is gone or that you want your relationship to borrow some qualities from other people,  then carefully fix it. Or ask your woman “how about we do this or that?”.

Do not compare or ask her to be like your friend/brother/whoever’s girlfriend/wife. She’s not them,  she’d never be them. Likewise you’re not them you’d never be them. So be mature about things and handle things like an adult.

3. Asking for private time: you are allowed to have your own time as an individual in a relationship but be careful how you ask for this time. Most men just go ahead and say “I need some me time” and then wonder why the woman becomes very withdrawn and hurt. Usually when a woman hears that, she’s not sure what to do.

She constantly thinks, if I do this now would he appreciate it or would he think its not necessary in this “me” time. Would asking him to the movies be a bad idea? Would going to drop lunch for him at work be a bad idea? So many things go through her mind that make her unsure.

So how about you tell her why you need this time and for how long you’d need it?

4. It was okay: no woman wants to hear this as a response to “how was the sex” she’d certainly feel hurt and won’t put her all into the next time. If there is a next time in a very long time.



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