FashionABLE or FashionDAMNATION: Some Of The Trends We’ve Taken To The Extreme

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Every girl is ‘FASHIONABLE’, but only a few are ”FASHION CONSCIOUS”. The fashion trend being exhibited and gaining ground among most Nigerian girls is really embarrassing.

Fixing human hair now seems to be the norm, mind you I never said it was wrong, but what’s wrong is standing at the bus stop or driving by and seeing a gorgeously dressed lady walking by with colourful bendy rollers in her hair (ladies should know what am talking about). I can actually remember an instance were a lady attended lectures decked in them.

A picture of a lady wearing bendy rollers as a guide

For jeez sake, is it rag day or are you going for a carnival, never knew they had become hair accessories, used to think they were just used to make the hair curly.

Another nauseating but very common trend is wearing a pair of leggings with a very short and fitting top. My dear, nobody wants to see the outline of your pants, if you are looking for comfort, try wearing a slouchy tee, but mind you, do not mistake slouchy with roomy. You can also try pairing them up with asymmetrical tops i.e longer at the back and also mini dresses, caftans and a lot more. Or you can go completely commando(only if the leggings is a in a thick fabric) if the Very Visible Panty Line is a problem and especially if you can’t find a seam free black thong.

Another funny trend is colour blocking, but I call it the rainbow style, I know it’s the rage these days, but there’s a right way and wrong way to do it. If you must colour block, don’t go around looking funny, for instance, you don’t wear a green top, purple pants, carry a yellow bag and a wine coloured hair – 2 year old will scream out real loud just at the sight of you.

Try a colour block ensemble with complimentary colours, neutral colours(white, black, brown)monochromatic colours(same colours in different shades)analogous colour(shades that neighbour each other on the colour wheel). The possibilities are almost endless, so on your next outing, don’t go out looking like a ”CLOWN’ try out the colour wheel below for colour blocking guide’.


One trend I really love are the sheer blouses. They can be intimidating and knowing how to wear them without looking like a slut can be tricky.  Nowadays, girls just go around exposing their boobs in a sheer blouses.

You can still look sexy and sophisticated in a sheer blouse without overexposing – give your sheer blouse that WOW effect by teaming a neutral blouse with a colourful slip or a matching tank top or camisole.


Did I actually forget to mention eyebrows? Ladies, please do not carve that eyebrow to look like the Nike logo. I think the thin severe brow is no longer all the rage these days, a more natural eyebrow is envouge, but if you must carve it, let it be beautifully and tastefully done.


We Nigerian ladies are fashionable, so always remain fashion conscious and not fashion crazy.





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