Denzel Washington Rejects Fast & Furious 7 Offer

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Legendary actor Denzel Washington has reportedly turned down the chance to appear in Universal’s high-grossing franchise, Fast & Furious.

New guy Luke Evans held down the fort as the bad guy in the most recent film, and Transporter star Jason Statham will show up as the baddie in the next. The pattern of introducing a new character (typically a villain) at the very end of one film, before expanding their role in the sequel that follows, is something Universal evidently wants to continue.

In a piece about the general state of original tentpoles in Hollywood, Deadline reveals that Denzel Washington could have been the next guy to drive against Dom Toretto, but the actor wasn’t interested.

Specifically, Deadline says,

The studio is now looking for another big star to join the next film in a small role and then be a big part of the film that follows. Denzel Washington just turned down that opportunity, but they’ll undoubtedly get somebody important by the time The Conjuring helmer James Wan starts shooting the seventh film.

Jason Statham appeared at the end of the latest movie, and he’ll be the main bad guy for the seventh film that will shoot soon.

I personally think the Fast & Furious series is too high-paced for old man Denzel. What do you think?



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  1. Yeah,its definetly too fast paced for old man denzel,but notwithstanding,very sure they will get a hotter replacement

  2. noway denzel washington is a wicked actor he can move from one sort off film to the other he is great at every part he play i think he would be great for the part im gutted he turned it down i thik he would off brought up the ratings myself

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