Bend It Like Genny: Actress Genevieve Nnaji Curves Dr. Sid On Twitter

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There may be a lot of girls around the world who miss Dr. Sid and wish they were on his mind, but actress Genevieve Nnaji is definitely not one of them.

The beautiful actress posted a picture of the words “I miss you” and captioned it with kisses, prompting lots of fans to respond and claim the message.

A lot of fans responded to the tweet, including Mavins artiste Dr. Sid.

Sadly for Dr. Sid though, the tweet was not for him as Genevieve pointed that out clearly, saying “not you my friend”.

Dr. Sid took it like a man, telling her he missed her none the less.

The electrifying response of fans made the actress delete the tweets, and both proceeded to have a friendly conversation, with Dr. Sid even dedicating his new Talented video to her.



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