#BBATheChase Day 71: Feza, Cleo and Dillish are up for eviction this week

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The tale of Big Brother Africa 2013 is  synonymous with the repetitive analogy of cock and hen – The Chase gets hotter. As at day 71 there were 8 housemates left in the game from the 28 that started. The countries represented also dwindled over 10 weeks leaving only 7 countries out of 14 that had begun the game. This week, another pair would be evicted from the #BBATheChase show, and while it remains a mystery, Africa knows who it would be saving.

During this week’s nominations, Bimp nominated Elikem and Dillish. Elikem nominated Bimp and Feza. Cleo wanted Feza and Beverly out of the game. Feza nominated Elikem and Beverly. Melvin nominated Beverly for eviction because she can save herself and also nominated Feza. Dillish would not like to continue sharing the house with Feza and believes Bimp would be saved by Beverly. Angelo thinks Cleo is sly and unfit for the house, while Bimp is a threat to his winning the game. Beverly would not stand much of Cleo anymore – as there in no friendship in the game. Beverly also put up Dillish for being cocky.

The breakdown of nominations went thus;

Feza – 4
Bimp – 3
Cleo – 3
Elikem – 2
Dillish – 2
Beverly – 2
Melvin – 0
Angelo – 0

The three housemates that were up on the eviction list initially were Feza, Bimp and Cleo. However as Head of House, Beverly decided to save Bimp and replace him with Dillish. Therefore two out of three ladies will be returning home this weekend.

Cleo, Dillish and Feza are up for possible Eviction this week. Vote here to keep your favourite Housemate in the game.

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