Audio Clip: Conversation with 911 as Usher’s drowning son was being rescued | He’s doing fine now

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The 911 call placed by Usher’s hysterical aunt Rena Oden after Usher’s 5 year-old son nearly drowned in a swimming pool at a private residence on Howell Mill Road in suburban Fulton County on Monday, Aug. 5 has been obtained by TMZ.

The young Usher Raymond V was rescued from the pool after getting his hand become stuck in the pool drain, leaving him unconscious.

The Youtube video holds the conversation between the 911 operator and Usher’s aunt Rena Oden. Rena finds breath as she tries to explain to the 911 dispatcher, “My nephew was in the pool. He went… I couldn’t get him. I tried to get him… And they got him out now.. they’re doing CPR on him.”

TMZ reports that Usher V, aka Cinco, is currently in the ICU at Grady hospital. Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Foster-Raymond are currently at the hospital with him.

Upon his arrival to the hospital, it was reported that doctors said Usher Raymond V would be “ok,” and Tameka tweeted about her son’s condition on August 7:

I’m so happy to say that my son is doing much better. Talking & asking for food. Thank you for ur well wishes & prayers.

Usher was granted primary custody of the two boys in a controversial court decision last year. The judge in that case later recused herself and the court order was voided.

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