#ASUUStrike: Questions of Life

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Let me digress a bit from passing information to you guys about the strike cos it seems like an Indian movie with parts… let’s gist as Pals!!! Yeah, I’m ur G right???

As they (FG & ASUU) are not even making any moves towards final resolution, how we go do na?

Let the table turn a bit sef, I have so many unanswered questions in my head that I’ll want to be answered, but first, I  hope you guys are enjoying the strike? The Muslim folks should not worry o, Ramadan will soon be over… I know how u feel **I’m a Muslim too**

Here are my questions:
Do you think The Government is youth friendly?

Are we really the leaders of tomorrow? Or their children…

Do you think the President has done well as an educationist?

How will you even rate the president’s performance?

Do you think Asuu should suspend it for the purpose of examination?

Let’s discuss these question in the comment box below and on twitter @TRKingil @360nobs



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  1. Is the government youth friendly???Did you see the post about the SSS chasing the NANS president?that’s how youthfriendly the government is.This generation definitely dosent act like its going to lead today or tomorrow.Most are concerned about money and girls and how to be a twitter boss.I think that ASUU should call off the strike because I’ve been in the same level since last year and I really want to move on and get out of this crappy education system before it completely collapses.

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