Angry Fans Cover Mario Balotelli’s N61million Ferrari In Toilet Paper [PHOTO]

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Mario Balotelli was the victim of yet another car vandalism episode after his red Ferrari was covered in toilet paper by Swiss fans.

MailOnline reports that Balotelli was in Lugano, Switzerland, on Thursday night when he was asked by fans to have his photo taken and to give his autograph.

It was when he refused the requests that the fans got their revenge by covering his car, though they of course waited until he left the scene before doing so, and they are said to have been long gone by the time the AC Milan favourite returned.Any annoyance Balotelli may have felt could, of course, have been offset by the memory of what happened to his camouflage Bentley while playing for Manchester City earlier in 2013.

One Manchester United fan was pictured urinating on it while another rubbed his bare backside on the rear window. Toilet paper’s suddenly not such a big problem.




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