#AFWL2013: Africa Fashion Week London Day 3 (Backstage, Runway and Streetstyle)

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African Fashion Week London 2013 comes to an end on an ultimate high.


There is no shadow of a doubt that Saturday, 3rd of August was the biggest day of African Fashion Week  London. Fashion enthusiasts came out in droves to check out exclusive designs from some of Africa’s hottest and most creative designers.

The line up included Alicia Mullings, DZYN for Vou Brown, AfroFashion, Simeogieme, Baah by Jessica Baah, Yutees,, Metisse, Mademoiselle Agalia and many more.

Elegante by TianahStyling brought fun to the runway with her colourful designs. The models were grooving down the runway in their display of “free love” and kept the audience extremely entertained.

Zizi Cardow was also a designer not to be missed as she closed off the finale on Saturday. Her elegant gowns were detailed, designed and to perfection to accentuate the best features on any woman’s body.

The 3day event in one of the greatest fashion capitals has given Africa a different outlook and further established Africa as a force to reckon with in fashion. Ankara, Kente and all other African prints/fabrics are definitely here to stay.

Check out Day 1 here and Day 2 pictures here.

Text: Mariam Ajibola | Images: Michael Tubes

AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_page_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_page1_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_page2_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_page3_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_page4_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_page6_360nobs

Elegante By Tiannahstyling
Elegante By Tiannahstyling

AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_page36 Elegante by Tinnah Styling_360nobs

Elegante By Tiannahstyling
Elegante By Tiannahstyling
Elegante by Tiannahstyling
Elegante by Tiannahstyling
Elegante by Tiannahstyling
Elegante by Tiannahstyling

AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_Baah by Jessica Baah1_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_Baah by Jessica Baah2_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_page15_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_page17_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_page18Baah by Jessica Baah_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_Page19_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_page21 Baah by Jessica Baah_360nobs

AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_page22 Simeogieme_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_page23 Simeogieme_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_Page20 Simeogieme_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_page24Dzyn_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_Page25 Dzyn_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_page26Dzyn_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_page27 Dzyn_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_page34_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_page39_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_Page38_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_page35_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes__DSC0618-2_360nobs

AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_page9_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_page12_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_page13_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_page28Zizi Cardow_360nobs

AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_page30 Zizi Cardow_360nobs

AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_page29 Zizi Cardow_360nobs
AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_Page33_360nobs

AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes_page41_360nobs

AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes__DSC0080_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes__DSC0275_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes__DSC0317_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes__DSC0325_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes__DSC0331_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes__DSC0337_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes__DSC0340_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes__DSC0343_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes__DSC0345_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes__DSC0346_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes__DSC0348_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes__DSC0498_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes__DSC0501_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes__DSC0521_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes__DSC0525_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes__DSC0530_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes__DSC0536_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes__DSC0539_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes__DSC0544_360nobs AFWL2013_Day3_Michael Tubes__DSC0547_360nobs



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