Afrocandy’s Destructive Instinct In Stores Now [PHOTO]

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After trailers and photos were released months ago, sultry actress Afrocandy has finally released her movie Destructive Instinct on DVD.

Her post on Facebook reads:

At last, I have won the Battle ! DESTRUCTIVE INSTINCT FINALY OUT AFTER ALL THEY DID TO STOP ME God has shown them he is the only one that holds my Destiny, My All and All, the King of the Universe, the I am that I am, The Unchangeable Changer, Ancient of days, King of Kings and The Lord or Lords ! Yes Sir! Thank you Three Persons in One God! They proposed for me but My Creator disposed. So how do you all like me now? Thanks to all my Fans that made their orders and had the patience to wait, you are all wonderful. You can now receive your DVDs and Shame on all them people that wagged their dirty stinky mouths to say my movie will never see the light of the day….ha ha ha! I bet ya’all gonna go drink Rat Poison now and die…FYI, you ain’t seen NOTHING yet ! DVDs will be Available in Stores now ! Go Grab your Copies ASAP !




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  1. Na wa o!!! Although I have no personal problem with pornstars or any other line of work cos of my “what you do with your life is your business” belief, I however think crediting God for the release of her porn flick is such a long stretch that kinda pisses me off…..ijs.

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