360Kenya: ZARA OUTLET OPENS IN KENYA!!!?????!!!!

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A couple of days ago my sister from another mother tweeted ….

I retweeted in agreement because I really do feel like we are being shortchanged as a country when it comes to fashion stores in terms of style and variety. Apart from our very many fashion designers who have so far done a very good job when it comes to creativity, you sometimes (most times) just feel that you need more to suitably fit your style.

So anyway, I was having some slight banter this weekend with a couple of friends over cocktails at Polo this Sunday and one of them mentioned there is in fact a Zara Outlet being launched in Nairobi’s Thika road mall. I could not believe the words that came out of her mouth, infact, I brushed it off and said she was bluffing. I mean, we don’t have a Forever 21 or H&M store, so how would we have a Zara????….but in the back of my mind I kept the hope alive.

First thing Monday morning, I was all up in Google’s face searching for hard facts. And there it was – Deacons, which is East Africa’s leading lifestyle retailer held a fashion show on the 28th of July 2013 at Thika road mall to showcase winter fashion. The show featured 21 models who strutted up and down the runway showcasing fashion from Deacons, Woolworth, Babyshop, 4u2 amongst others. European retail giant, Zara, was apparently the climax of the whole show. From my findings, I learnt Zara would be stocked in all 4u2 stores owned by Deacons in Sarit, Thika Road Mall and Capital Center.


Extremely excited, I scuttled off to the Sarit Center to check out what they had but this was short lived as I stepped into the store…. sigh!!!

Let’s backtrack a bit. I do not know if its only me but in any Zara store in the world when you walk in, there is this feeling you get – I get it all the time and am sure all you Zara lovers out there feel me. I can’t explain it, its just this feeling, this hospitality, this warmth, this style that a Zara store gives you.

Anyway, I walked in and all I saw were cloth racks upon cloth racks of Zara from God knows what season. 😥 😥 😥

zara 2


The store was really stuffy from all the clothes, with clearly not enough space to display the clothes appropriately. Not enough aisles created to walk through and select clothes in comfort.  Maximum time spent in the shop….. 7 minutes,  I could not even breathe talk less of buy anything.


I knew this was too good to be true! Ok, yes, its Zara….or at least the labels on the clothes said Zara. Don’t know which warehouse these clothes were picked from or from what year – I mean, it looked liked a dumpsite for all Zara stores around the world.

Here is my message to the store owners: The least you can do when you say you are going to stock Zara/open a Zara store, is to get us something from a more recent collection. That is all we ask for. I just hope this improves gradually.

Other than that, welcome to East Africa, Zara.



Olivia (livvy)Kitawa, is a creative writer, born and bred in Nairobi,Kenya, (where I felt I never quite fit in). Single mother, daughter,sister,friend and care giver. Aquarius, lives by the rules (most of the time). Outgoing, fun loving, amazing personality, people's person,(when people are nice that is...half the time people irritate me when they are being annoying.) People laugh at my jokes and say am silly, so I guess that makes me funny. Critical thinker(I dissect everything!!), always questioning why and how we exist, looking for those answers still. If you think you have the answers please share. A free spirit that loves to read and travel and meet new people, absorb different cultures.


  1. I was dissapointed to death when i rushed to see this ZARA stuff…seriously are these rejects from some years ago that they shove down on us because we have cried for the brand? beats my understanding…well then again this is Kenya…Looks like the Dubai shopping trips have to continue!

  2. Hey desperate,do you have any idea where I can get genuine Nike shoes here in Kenya? Looking for genuune flysteppers to be specific

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