360Downloads: ‘It’s a wRap’ with Sasha Sleek!

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Inspired by the world in it’s entirety [the mystery, the adventure, the good, the bad and the ugly], 19-year old Abuja-based fEMcee, Sasha Sleek, embarked on her debut mix-tape project aptly wrapped up as “It’s A wRAP“, about 3 years ago.

The 12-track project had early releases like the fast-paced “Move Your Body” track which was produced by Aluta and savoured by taste-makers from way back. Sasha Sleek went on to release the track titled “Astronaut High“, one track that gears up the Hip-hop genre like never seen, especially when it’s coming from a 19-year old fEMcee. With other mouth-watering tracks like “Twinkle Little Star” to “Street Religion” and her love-rendition of Future‘s “Turn On The Lights“, Sasha Sleek sure sets a high, strong and tough pedestal with quality production all round.

She is an undergraduate of the Bells University of Technology and the pioneer of the Astronaut Gang [under which she’s releasing this mix-tape], a belt under Sleek Entertainment Fashion & Music Group [S.E.F.M.G]; she doubles as a DJ and triples as a Fashion Designer as well. “It’s A wRAP [Mixtape]” sure sets Sasha Sleek up for a good cause. Listen up and share your thoughts.

Download individual tracks below:

1. Sasha Sleek – INTRO

2. Sasha Sleek ft. Skool Boi – AS LIFE GOES ON

3. Sasha Sleek – BUST MY HEAD [prod. by Dah Bee]

4. Sasha Sleek – ASTRONAUT HIGH

5. Sasha Sleek ft. Omobale – CELEBRATE [prod. by Rexstacy]

6. Sasha Sleek ft. Archiles & $py – FRESH ON IT [prod. by Dah Bee]

7. Sasha Sleek – MOVE YOUR BODY [prod. by Aluta]             

8. Sasha Sleek ft. Omobale – STREET RELIGION [an H2O production]

9. Sasha Sleek – TURN ON THE LIGHT [a Future cover]

10. Sasha Sleek ft. Archiles & $py – GREEN WHITE GREEN [prod. by Dah Bee]

11. Sasha Sleek – TWINKLE LITTLE STAR [prod. by AY]

12. Sasha Sleek – WILD PARTY [IT’S A wRAP ~ prod. by SugarCane Beats]


DOWNLOAD “IT’S A wRAP [Mixtape]”: http://bit.ly/ssiawmixtape 



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