ZestVille …Episode 14 by @Tomilola_coco

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“This isn’t a Nollywood movie Kofo. We can’t make it far before they catch us.” Malika said as soon as they ran out of the room.

“But we need to get out of here” Kofo responded, she knew their chances were small but they had to try.

“I agree. But we won’t get far”

Just then, they began to hear noises, a woman was yelling at the top of her voice, she was angry.

Kofo frowned “who is that?” She inquired.

“I have an idea Kofo…” Malika started and Kofo directed her gaze to her. “We are going to surrender ourselves” she added

“You must be out of your mind” Kofo replied.


“Her number is still not going through. What can be wrong?”

Aaliyah watched her mother pace restlessly around the room. Her sister had been missing since the night before and her mother was very worried. She was worried as well but she hoped Malika was safe and would reach out soon.

Someone knocked and she ran to the door. She hoped it would be her elder sister but was disappointed when she found Korede at the door, in the company of two policemen.


“We cannot do that! Its dangerous!” Kofo yelled as much as she could without raising her voice, she didn’t want to draw attention to them.

“We have to. They won’t be expecting it and we honestly cannot…”

“Where una dey go?”

They were both startled by the man who had just intruded their discussion.

“Oya, this way!” He shouted as he drew out a gun and led them back into the building.


“Aunty Amaka!” Kofo gasped as she recognised the woman in the tastefully furnished sitting room.

The sitting room was wide and tastefully furnished, in it was a bar, state of the art furniture and decor. Amaka was sitting on a large sofa when Kofo and Malika entered. She was clad in a stylish ankara dress and on her fingers were very expensive gold rings.

“Why…what is this about?” Kofo inquired, the confusion on her face very clear.

“I won’t waste your time Kofo honey” Amaka began, she was in her mid fifties but she still looked so damn good! “I wasn’t going to give you a story on why you and this little rat here deserve to die but since you asked for it unlike your parents, you’d get it”

Kofo paled “you killed my parents?!”

Amaka nodded, grabbed a wine glass and filled it to the brim. “You see, your father is an asshole and your mother, the proud bitch felt she owned it all. She wanted me dead I know, I just got to her first”

“How dare you?!” Kofo lurched forward and aimed for Amaka’s throat. The latter who wasn’t expecting the reaction fell to the sofa, cup in hand and yelled in pain as Kofo tried to strangle her.

Malika watched in utter shock as the men in the room dragged Kofo off Amaka.

“She trusted you! She trusted you!!” Kofo yelled at the top of her voice.

“And I did her until she wanted me dead” Amaka responded calmly as she adjusted her dress and the wig that was halfway off her head. She continued as if nothing just happened “she found out about me and your father and my son. And she wanted us out of the way. She wouldn’t want us to be part of the inheritance” she grabbed a wine glass and sipped a little more of the content. “Your father, the philandering bastard, he wouldn’t plan for me and our son the way he planned for the Aliu bastards that weren’t even his kids”

Kofo was losing her mind. Amaka had served as her father’s personal assistant for years and had helped her mother find out who her father might have been seeing. Her mother had trusted Amaka so much and it must have hurt her to know even Amaka was sleeping with him!

“He deserved to die. Him, your mother and every one of you”

Malika’s head was spinning. She’d been through a lot in the last one day and it was beginning to tell on her. This piece of information was also driving her crazy!

“You are so insane! We didn’t even wrong you!” Kofo screamed, she wanted to set free from the men holding her tight and hit Amaka till there was no breath left in her.

“Not directly. But my son deserves everything you deserve and I know how spoilt you and your little brother Korede are, unlike your older siblings. I know you’d stand in my way and what better way to make sure you don’t?” Amaka asked and laughed. “And the Aliu bitches, those ones deserve death more than anybody. They were planning to reap where they didn’t sow! Simply because their mother had Alhaji’s heart. I had an earlier plan to pitch you against each other by dumping your mother’s corpse in her house but it didn’t seem to be working out after so long so I did it all by myself”

“You will pay for this!” Kofo spat.

“No, I won’t.  It isn’t a movie, so you won’t be leaving here alive.” Amaka said slowly to Kofo and Kofo’s blood ran cold. The evil woman was going to have them killed.

She glanced at Malika, she looked very ill and for the first time since they met, her heart went to her. She wanted to hold her and tell her she was sorry. Now that death faced them, the past months didn’t make sense anymore. They were all each other had at the moment.

“We will be separating you…” Amaka didn’t finish her statement as she fell suddenly. Her men looked around and realised they weren’t alone. They had been surrounded by the police.

Malika looked around and sighed, then she fainted.


“I’m glad you are alive and well. I’m glad all these is behind us, and most importantly, I’m glad you are not my sister” Korede said to Malika as he held her hands in his on the hospital bed. “I love you Malika Aliu, you would never realise how much”

Malika smiled at him “I love you too and I’m very glad this movie is over.”

Korede laughed, “it sure felt like a movie! Everything started so fast and it became overwhelming before we knew what was going on.” He placed a kiss on her forehead “I’m so sorry about the whole Kofo plan…”

“Come on Korede, I don’t want to discuss the past. Let just move on with the future and be happy.”

He nodded and suddenly remembered Chisom and his baby. He was in love with Malika and he wasn’t going to leave her to be with Chisom but he would let Chisom know that he would be responsible for the baby and he prayed Malika would understand. He had been very happy when the police had told him she was alive and for the first time ever, he had been grateful to the Nigerian police. They had trailed the gunmen who tried to shoot him at the station and followed them to their destination without suspicion. The unsuspecting gunmen had reached where they were going and were about to walk in when the police rounded them up and because the two of them were outnumbered by five policemen, it was easy to disarm them and lead them to meet the rest. They had entered through another entrance after calling for back up and making sure the guys inside were just three. Then they walked in and gunned Amaka down while she was giving her speech.

He was very grateful to the police for bringing back the woman that owned his heart, now he would do everything to make it right.

There’s someplace I need to be” he said to Malika.


Korede was angry but the overwhelming happiness of being reunited with Malika helped him keep his anger under control. He stared at the woman in front of him intently, why did she lie to him?

“So if I had not met Ebuka in the house and asked him why he’s been acting strange and if he’d not decided to tell me he was trying to surprise you with buying a house for you both because of his baby, you would still have led me to believe the baby was mine?” He still couldn’t believe her. He still couldn’t.

“I’m sorry Korede. You were so quick to assume and I just couldn’t…couldn’t…”

“Couldn’t say the truth? I can’t believe you” he said and headed for the door.

“Please Korede, I’m sorry…I was going to come out but…”

“Let it be Chisom. Have a good life” He said and left the house. Chisom’s heart sank.


“I know you hate me so much and I suck at apologies but I’m very sorry for being a total bitch. Can we start again Miss Aliu?”

Malika laughed at Kofo. She was really struggling to give the apology; it was obvious it wasn’t something she was used to, giving an apology that is.

“Help me here Akin” Kofo said to her husband as she held his hands.

“Malika, give us a chance to start over. And give Korede a chance because I’m sure he loves you” Akin said and Malika smiled. Maybe happily ever afters were real after all?

“Come here” she said to Kofo and the two held each other in a long warm embrace.


Kofo had thrown them an engagement party because

1. She felt she owed them

2. They had all been through a lot together and they needed a party to ease the stress

3. She was Kofo and she loved parties.

The Alius and the Kutis had their friends over and even Chisom had no choice but to be happy for the couple.

Mariam cornered her uncle when she could and asked him “is she a nice person? Like really? Cos I read…”

“Forget what you read honey. Malika is a wonderful person and I would love it if you love her” Korede replied, a smile on his face.

“Funny, that was the same thing mom said. Maybe I’d give it a try” she said and smiled. Her phone rang and she excused herself.

That was what Kofo said about Malika? Korede smiled as he pondered on it. Who said there wasn’t a fairy tale in real life? Kofo forgiving Malika and wanting to live happily ever after was a fairy tale!

“Hey husband to be, why are you grinning all alone?”

He smiled at the woman who had his heart and said “because you are my happy ever after”.

C’est Finis.



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  1. Hmmm. I’m too happy. What a sweet end! Thanks Coco. I’m like…when is another story coming? Love you loads. God will continually inspire you dear.

  2. Thanks Tomi for this piece. I’m really happy to be one its readers. I’m sure this will make me ‘happy ever after’. Bring on ‘The Wedding Week’ ma’am. Bliss. Cheers!

  3. Nicee endin,felt like I was one σяv d characters,esp malika coz I cld reallyy use sum lovin ryt now.X_X I wish it cld continue tho. Nice write up Tomi,lookin 4wod to d one month series! Kudos dearie!

  4. Beautiful piece from start 2 finish. I enjoyed every bit of it. More grease 2 Ɣ☺ΰr elbow dearie. Anxiously waiting Fø̲̣̣я̅ “the weeding week”.

  5. Nyc article.. Didn’t have tym to follow it up wen u started bt I took tym out 2 read d whole story in 1 nyt nd it made maximum sense.. Kudos!!!

  6. Nice ending! But I didn’t like the part where the police had to gun down Amaka. For what na? Wheren’t they suppose to like bring her in for questioning? Just saying sha.

  7. Nice story but as usual, you rushed the last episode. I enjoyed it all the same but please for the sake of next time, take your time to write the ending instead of just doing what i call ‘join join’. thanks

  8. Nothing like a good thriller to make my day. Only flaw was gunning down Amaka. You’re a fabulous writer….maybe you should publish this as a book.

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