ZestVille …Episode 13 by @Tomilola_coco

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Tomi’s Side Note

Hi guys, I’m here again today. I apologise for going off on you last Wednesday. It’s largely due to a “long story” I won’t bore you with. Here’s a big kiss that I hope will make it up to you. :*

As a special treat the concluding episode of Zestville will be published tomorrow so you won’t have to wait till next week. I hope you guys had fun with the web series.

We’d have a short series run for about a month starting from next Wednesday titled “The Wedding Week”. Much love guys. X

“Sit the hell down and stop pacing!” Malika yelled at Kofo. The shout brought Kofo to a halt and she then turned to stare at Malika, anger clearly written all over her face. What was happening to her? First she was kidnapped, handled like a prisoner and thrown into a tiny room with Malika and then next thing, the same Malika was talking to her rudely!

She ignored her and kept pacing. What was going on? Who had kidnapped her and thrown her here with this…this home wrecking bitch?

“Kofo sit the hell down or I would make you!” Malika yelled and this time Kofo saw that Malika too was angry, because her eyes clearly showed it.

“Oh you dare not” Kofo replied, thinking deep inside what nerve the young woman had to speak to her like that.

She continued pacing and in seconds, her back was against the wall, Malika was pinning her to the wall with her hands and Kofo struggled to get free.

“Are you crazy?!” She asked Malika, the latter was really acting deranged.

“The question is, are you?” Malika directed her question back at her as the two women stared each other down.

Two Hours Before

Korede had been sitting by Malika’s bed for hours and she’d been slipping in and out of consciousness during that period. He hoped she was fine. He remembered how skilfully and surprisingly he had yanked the mystery guy who held a gun to his head out of his car, pointed the guy’s own gun at him and dragged Malika into his car. After which he sped to his family hospital, which thankfully was nearby.

Now he leaned by the window and stared at nothing in particular as he ran the events of the previous night in his mind. Who wanted him dead? Who was that mystery guy in his car? What in the world was happening in Zest Ville these days anyway?

He checked his wristwatch and it was 7am. He was worried sick about Malika, he prayed silently that she’d be okay.

“Korede, you still dey here?”

He turned to find the doctor who had attended to him the night before at the entrance of the room. It was his old school friend and son to the owner of the hospital, Nnamdi Eze.

“I still dey o, Nnamdi…”

Nnamdi walked closer to Malika and checked the drip that was being run into her body.

“I’ve told you she’d be fine. She’s just suffering a mild concussion due to hitting her head when the accident happened. And she would be out of it very soon…its really nothing to worry about” Nnamdi explained carefully to Korede. He knew the latter was worried; he’d barely slept a wink during the night.

“You should go and get her a drink, she’d need to have something in her system because she’d be using medications as soon as she wakes up strong.” Nnamdi added.

Korede nodded and after he and Nnamdi discussed other less serious things, he walked out of the ward with the doctor, heading towards the pharmacy, which was in the hospital.

Maybe if he’d stayed a few more seconds though, he would have seen the strange looking man that dashed in, startling Malika who had just woken up.

The man had pointed a gun at her and taken her through the exit, his hand draped around her shoulder like they knew each other before she could think.

He had hurled her into the car where she found Kofo and a mean looking man already seated in the backseat.

If the accident the night before had shocked her, this one threw her over the edge.

Back To The Present

Kofo pushed her aside. For someone who had been abducted from the hospital and who looked like she just came out of major surgery, Malika was strong. Whatever landed her in the hospital anyway?

Now she just sat on the bare floor and held her head with a plastered hand.

“You’re just stupid” Malika muttered.

“You must have hit your head hard against something to be speaking to me like this” Kofo snapped, she was still leaning on the wall, her arms folded.

Malika ignored her and undid the hook of her bra. She slipped it off and toyed with it as if she’d never seen it before.

Kofo frowned. Maybe Malika had run mad completely. Maybe, that was karma paying her for what she did to her mother.


“What do you mean you have no idea where she might have gone to? I left her here for what…five seconds to go get something and she vanished! Is that normal?” Korede yelled at the hospital staff and paid no heed to Nnamdi who tried his best to calm him down.

He paced the room angrily and swore many times under his breath. When he’d left Malika she’d been unconscious, now two hours later nobody still knew where she had walked into.

What in the world was going on? Everything was in chaos and it was happening so fast and so much in a spin that it was beginning to feel hazy.

“Nnamdi, your people have to do something because I’m not taking this lightly!” He said and stormed out of the office.

Nnamdi faced the two nurses who were at the front desk earlier and said sternly, “You better pray this woman is fine. If not, you won’t only lose your jobs, the police custody would be your home for a long time”


Ahmed wasn’t the type to abduct people and torture them. He wasn’t even the killer type not with his body frame and not mentally, but his boss had told him they needed him earlier to carry out this deed.

When he’d realised they were kidnapping helpless women, he’d been shocked and appalled.

He knew his boss was capable of many dirty deeds, he just didn’t know that harmless women were also in danger with her.

The one they’d picked from the hospital had been dazed and weak. Yet, they had handled her like a criminal and thrown her in the back seat like a bag of garri.

He shook his head in disgust as he strolled towards the room the two women had been thrown into. He hoped he wouldn’t be part of what his boss wanted to do with them. He wouldn’t hurt a woman. To him, that was madness.

Malika watched him stroll into the tiny room and then she got on her feet. She had a plan, it was silly, but it was her only option out of here.

She hopped on his back with the little strength she had left and gently kissed his earlobes. She was feeling weak but she really had to try. Kofo was shocked and so was Ahmed who wondered what the sick woman was doing trying to seduce him. He didn’t want to shrug her off though, before she fell and got hurt. But what the heck was she doing?

Before he could blink, Malika had put her bra strap over his head and unto his neck.

“They are bare” she whispered and giggled like a little girl. Then before he could answer, she put the other strap around his neck.

She smiled. Just as she’d speculated, the strap was tight around his neck and since it was a Victoria Secret designed one, it was stronger than the type that was common in Nigerian markets.

She then pulled it tight and he tried to be free “what the fuck are you doing?” He asked as it dawned on him that the woman might be trying to strangle him with her bra strap! Was she insane? He tried to gently get her off his back but it became difficult as Kofo joined Malika and they both pulled hard at the bra strap.


“See in the time past, I have come to this station and I haven’t gotten much help. Not with Malika or my mom…”

“But Malika returned na” the policeman cut in irritating Korede. They hadn’t done their job well with Malika and even when the latter had returned, the police still hadn’t been concerned about what led to the disappearance in the first place. And his mother’s murder case? That seemed to have been closed at the moment. He had no faith in them really, but he did need them again. He didn’t want to go home to report Malika’s disappearance to her family, how in the world would he relay that type of information?

“I need help finding this woman.” He said

Has she been missing for up to twenty four hours?” The policeman asked

“No but…”

“That’s the standard procedure. She can’t be declared missing yet. She might just have taken a drive…”

“What drive?! I said I left her on the hospital bed and couldn’t find her afterwards! Can’t you people be useful for once?!” Korede yelled at the policeman who seemed unperturbed. He sighed in frustration and anger and dashed out of the station. If only he’d met the stupid policeman’s superiors.

He sighted the DPO driving into the compound as he stepped out, he was so relieved and eager to meet with him that he didn’t watch his step; he missed a step and tripped.

The gunshot that rang out shocked the whole station though as the officers got alert.

“What just happened?” The DPO asked, stunned.

They inched closer to the gate and the DPO shouted commands as his officers got into the vehicle and sped out, following the car in which the shots rang out from.

Korede got up and looked around him. The shot had been aimed at him, but it missed because he missed a step.

The second attempt on his life in twenty four hours. He turned to face the DPO “someone is trying to kill me. Malika has been kidnapped. Something is going on”

“Trust me, we would get to the bottom of this. For them to even have the nerve to shoot here, they are as good as dead!” The DPO spat. He was angry and he meant his words.


Malika was becoming weak, her vision seemed blurred and her hands couldn’t hold tight anymore. She’d used up the little strength she had.

Kofo looked up and saw Malika loosen her grip on the strap. She knew she was getting weak and Kofo became very afraid. The man was going to be free in a matter of seconds because she wasn’t strong enough for him – he was already almost free.

She eyed the entrance from where they were and she weighed the chances of making it out of the door before he caught up with them.

Suddenly, she grabbed Malika’s hands and pulled her out of the room with her.

“Let’s run!” She shouted.

And the two women raced out of the room as fast as they could.



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  1. ’est bon! Superb! Beau! Fantastic. This is awesome. Malika sweety, even in weakness U̶̲̥̅̊ showed strength, go girl! @korede, God help U̶̲̥̅̊ oº˚°º≈º°˚ºo , U̶̲̥̅̊ n wahala sha, it is well n wat A̶̲̥̅̊я̲̣̥ε̲̣̣̣̥ U̶̲̥̅̊ going t̶̲̥̅̊ợ̣̣̇̇̇ do about dat chisom? Kofo, thank God U̶̲̥̅̊ came t̶̲̥̅̊ợ̣̣̇̇̇ senses sharperly ℓ☺ℓz . Tomi, good work dear.

  2. Only one question is left to be asked, ‘who is this evil fellow that wants everyone dead?’… I simply can’t wait for stroke that will break the camel’s back tomorrow!

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