Words you should never say to your spouse

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There are some words that seem harmless when you toss them around but honestly, these words do more harm than you can ever imagine.

In most cases, there is no immediate reaction when these words get spoken and so we don’t know the harm they might have caused but the truth is they cut deeper than knives and they leave scars in the other person for a very long time to come.

What are these words that seem so terrible? Let’s have a quick rundown on some of them and the reason they should never be uttered.

1. My ex was better: whether as a joke or as a harmless statement, this is just wrong. No man/woman likes to be compared with another man/woman talk less of your ex. Someone in your past whom you should be over and whose name shouldn’t even be uttered for any reason whatsoever isn’t someone you should compare your present partner to.

Whether he/she was better at sports or cooking or games or whatever, keep it to yourself.

2. I hate you: Hate, very strong word that is. But some people seem not to know. You see, when you tell your girls or your buds how much you hate them jokingly every other time, its not such a biggie. But when you say it to your partner from time to time simply because you believe since your buds don’t see anything wrong with it, its harmless? Then there’s trouble.

Guys really shouldn’t say this to their women. Women get really sensitive and between having raging hormones during their time of the month and having to juggle so many things(work and stuff) everytime, hearing the words “I hate you” jokingly might not exactly be all that funny.

3. I don’t like your parents: I don’t know if the people who say this believe they have a genuine reason to,  but let’s be honest, nobody wants to hear his/her partner say these words under any circumstance. I mean they are the freaking parents for Pete’s sake and if you have problems getting on with them, that’s not a way to say it.

Nobody is expecting you to be bffs with your spouse’s parents but how about trying? Being civil and polite? And never uttering those five silly words?

4. You are fat: I don’t have to explain why this is offensive. Women hate when to hear it, men find it annoying when they hear it too often.

You get it don’t ya?

5. You’re bad in bed: maybe not in those exact words. But anyhow you say it, don’t insinuate that. Don’t tell him or her how bad he or she is. Don’t infer it in any way. Don’t even tease him/her about it.  They might feel really bad and next time they might become anxious before/during the act. And that isn’t good.

Instead of hinting that, how about you tell them what you liked and how much you’d like them to continue?



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