Will Nigerians Read Books On Mobile Phones?

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The reading culture of Nigerians has been on a steady decline for some time now. The decline can be attributed to many factors from a tough economy to a general lack of reading interest in the younger generation. Some have even gone as far as blaming the poor reading culture on mobile devices.
Now there is a new app called okadabooks that is putting Nigerian books on mobile phones in a bid to get people to read on phones. The app has a diverse collection of books from Nigerian authors and even past WAEC/JAMB questions with answers.
This all sounds like a good idea, but the question is will Nigerians actually read and buy books on their phone and will students actually study with their phones. Check out the app Okada Books  and let us know what you think about it and the Nigerian reading culture in general.


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  1. I think Okadabooks looks super cool. I’ll be following them with interest.

    Also, in answer to your Q “will Nigerians read books on their mobile phones?” I can answer “most definitely!” They already are! We have over 60 000 Nigerians reading on Worldreader Mobile every month. Some of our most active readers come from Nigeria – spending hundreds of hours each month reading – on their phones! (more info here: http://www.worldreader.org/what-we-do/worldreader-mobile/)

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