WeNowPronounceYou: Mr and Mrs Henry Okelue

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360nobs and Everyone’s favourite Delta Monk (Read his articles on 360nobs.com or tweets on Twitter – @4eyedmonk) – Henry Okelue  recently tied the knot to his beautiful heartthrob Elohor Ominiabohs on April 20, 2013 in the Catholic Church of Divine Mercy, Lekki, Phase 1, Lagos. The reception followed at the Bespoke Centre, beside Germain Auto Centre, Lekki, Lagos.


This is their Wedding Story


They met at a music show in UNIBEN. Henry was in his 3rd year, Elohor was in her 2nd.

She came into the hall late and needed somewhere to sit. He instinctively stood up for her to take the space beside him. It immediately dawned on him that he just stood up for the most beautiful girl he had set eyes upon in that school. The sharp guy inside him knew what he had to do, but how to rally the right words became an issue.

Out of frustration he just blurted err, sorry, are you seeing anyone at the moment?“...babe looked at him and asked him who he was to be asking her that.

HE started seeing more of her after that night, and inevitably asked her out. She refused.

She refused for a whole year, telling him in plain terms she was in school to study.

He got angry and just fashied. Shebi there are many fishes in the river.

They lost contact after school.


In 2009, they came back in contact through some friends, but then nothing could happen between them because he was in another relationship at the time. They remained close friends. Mid 2010 the relationship he was in ended and the rest they say is history.

He proposed to her on Valentine’s Day, 2012 at Marcopolo in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. As soon as he brought out the ring and asked her to marry him (he was too much in a state of anxiety that he forgot to do the traditional going down on a knee), she stood up and ran into the ladies. He sat there shaking like a leaf not knowing what that meant. After like 5 minutes, she came out, crying, and said Yes Henry, I will marry you!.


It was about 11years between his 1st proposal – when he first asked her out and his last proposal – when she agreed to marry him…

Well, time didn’t seem to matter, they got each other at last 🙂

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