Unicorns And Bullet Wounds: A Costume Collection By Kitschai (PVC, Leather & Animal Prints)

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An innovative first collection by the art lover Kitschai – quilted leather, pvc trench coats(inspired by burberry’s s/s13), giraffe print never looked so good on waistcoat and harem like pants, multi coloured hand dyed fabrics and an ode to Jean Paul Gaultier’s cone bra as worn by Madonna in the 90s and more.  Its an interesting first collection which deserves attention.
Unicorns And Bullet Wounds is the first costume design collection by London born and bred creative director, Andrea Ushedo.
Emerging fashion brand Kitschai, was established early this year with the release of the dark and edgy fashion film entitled “The Initiation”. Following up to the short film, Kitschai now presents U&BW, another phase of the visual art the brand creates and represents.
Taking inspiration from the West African Safari; animal print & textures, PVC, dip-dye patterns and more, make up this thrilling collection. In an effort to maintain an authentic feel, the printed fabrics used were hand dyed in Mali and Guinea.
Representing freedom, strength and wildlife, the garments are abstract and aim to entice. With multiple silhouettes that enhance and compliment the body of a woman, Unicorns And Bullet Wounds is a touch of peculiar beauty.
Photographer Obi Somto |MUA and Hair stylist  DFalana | Models  Princess Polo and Ndidi |Stylist  Kitschai
Twitter: www.twitter.com/Kitschai | Instagram: Kitschai | Email: kitschai@hotmail.com |Phone:  08096440617
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