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“I have to apologize for the delay in getting down here. My chopper had to be replaced.” Mom said as she helped herself to a seat.

Jega scoffed. “How do you expect us to believe this? You? Silent partner?”

Mom smiled. “I came with my documents.” She replied. The door opened gently and a tall, light skinned man walked in. He walked over to Mom with a smile, whispered something in her ears and opened his briefcase. “My secretary, Mark, would give each of you my document.”

Mark walked with this aura that was peculiar with the robotic secretaries, like the ones you see in the movies or those ones who took direct orders from top shots like Trump, Abramovich-Chelsea’s billionaire president and the rest. ‘I never knew my mom commanded much.’ I thought as Mark handed me a document with a smile. Okay, Mark is cute! That I must confess! Or is Mom sleeping with him? Hmmm…this would be a big deal! He should be for the younger generation, not her. I allowed my thoughts to play on as I watched him go about in his bold grey suit.

I snapped out of my thoughts as Mr. Adeoye cleared his throat. “Just in case any of you still doubt it, I have her deed here with me.”

Bolu Coker smiled in Dad’s direction.

Dad cleared his throat. “Please, I would love to have a word with Professor Wura Bankole in private.”

“Of course. If you would excuse us.” Mom replied, and stepped out.

Dad followed quickly.


Tunji Bankole held Wura’s hand as he pulled her away from the door. “What are you doing, Wura? Silent Partner?”

“I am an investor just like every other person.” She replied, releasing her hand. “I have money too, remember?”

Tunji snapped. “Woman, I don’t even know how you got out of the hospital, but right now, you need to go home.”

She nodded. “Yes, I will. But I just came to perform my duties here, after which, I’ll be on my way.”

Tunji’s took a deep breath. “Wura, for the sake of the love that we shared on the night that we made Kimberly, in that beautiful and romantic atmosphere, do not give your shares.”

She nodded. “It was just one night, Tunji. Whatever love you claimed to feel for me died after that night, you became a monster.”

“Wura…let’s save our daughter, what would become of our firms and businesses when she becomes a petty writer.”

She took a deep breath. “Kimberly just rocked this nation with an article. I am doing this for my daughter.”

He held her hand but she yanked out of his grip immediately. “Don’t do this to us.”

“I have few minutes to spend here. After which, you have to sign another paper. I bet you know what that means.”

He sighed. “Divorce?”

She nodded. “Yes, I have put up with you long enough. I need my life back.” She said, and returned into the board room.


David poured himself some water. “You care?”

“You indeed are sober. I expected liquor.” Wole replied.

David drank carefully. “I stopped a long time ago, and even though I am tempted to run to a liquor store, I won’t.”

Wole nodded. “That’s a good decision my friend. Tola broke up with me too.”

“Is it about the same issue you have had with your previous?”

He nodded. “Yeah…David, I think I am being stupid, this issue has cost me any girl I have been with, and I can’t afford to lose Tola. She is everything I want.” He gulped his water. “I’ll bend.”

David smiled. “Wole, you are a good guy, and I think you deserve the best woman on earth, well, not Kimberly though, she is mine.”

Wole laughed. “I see…you won’t even share Kimberly?”

“Never! She means everything to me, I am just lost right now. I want her here with me.”

Wole took a deep breath. “I think we should fight for these women. I believe that Kim would forgive you eventually, I know she will. She loves you.”

David smiled. “How could she even love me? I am no good.”

“You are a good man, David. Yes, we all make mistakes, and you have had your share of that, but in all, you are honest with your feelings, you have always loved her, you shouldn’t be denied what you both feel.” Wole replied as he walked over to the window. “For me, Tola would leave me because I am a foolish man.”

David scoffed. “I am proud of you, brother.” He said, joining him at the window. “You are a great guy, and I respect you.”

“Liar, you never liked me when we were kids, you used to call me a sissy.”

David laughed. “I apologize, but you won’t even come for the parties or board meetings or hang outs, man, you were boring. Mirabel was fun.”

Wole smiled. “She is back now. She didn’t ask of you though.”

David smiled. “I didn’t think she would. I let her down.”

“It was for the best man, you always loved Kim, and I am glad you didn’t fool my sister.”

David smiled. “I couldn’t hurt Kim, now then, not now.”

“What about Bola?”

He took a deep breath. “Bola was special. She was my friend, she understood me, she was the first person I told about my mom.”

Wole nodded. “Wow…she must have meant a lot…”

“She meant a lot, Wole.”

He smiled. “I know, but you have to fight for Kimberly now and you have to be the man you were before.”

“I was a monster.” He replied.

Wole shrugged. “But you always knew how to get things done, David, I am not asking you to switch off on everyone like in the past, but, you have two women in your life to win back, you have to do that now.”

“Sometimes I wish your Dad was mine, your Dad is a real man.”

Wole smiled. “You know, I was actually envious of your dad when growing up, I wished he was mine, he put you out there, made the rest of us jealous, you know.”

David scoffed. “See where that got me, I threw my own mom out of my life.” David puffed out some air from his mouth tiredly. “I am glad your Dad abstained from mine and Kim’s, he even made it so good that you didn’t even know her.”

“Kim was not one to even care about our circle. You are a lucky man, apologize to her, and try to win your mother over for a start.”

David stared at him. “My mother? It’s been years, I bet she doesn’t even know who I am.”

Wole took a deep breath. “David, you have to do something special, something unique, you should know better.”


“I am putting my vote in for Mr. Adeoye.” Mom said.

Bolu Coker smiled. “I am under the impression that you are seeing this as a bidding war, Wura Bankole. It is just a subtle business.” I stared at Bolu Coker, he sure loved to impress people with his crooked intelligence. “Millaroca is doing badly, we want to salvage this situation and buy over a company that is about to fold up, Mr. Adeoye would make lots of money, and you partners would too. It is win-win, Millaroca has served his cause, now it’s time for her to go.”

“Are you forgetting the sales that Millaroca made in the last few hours due to just one article? Millaroca is about to take over and this would be huge, this is the best time for anyone to invest.” Mr. Adeoye interrupted.

Bolu cleared his throat. “You are looking at this from the angle where a simple article won you some audience.” He said, staring in my direction. “What if her next write up is disappointing?”

“You have no idea about the arts; why not just forget this discussion.” Mr. Adeoye retorted. “She is good.” He said, staring in my direction.

Mom tapped the table. “Gentlemen and ladies, the last time I checked, this is no debate or summit, we are here to cast our votes and that’s all.” She said, cutting off all arguments. “Where is Chief Bello?”

Jega cleared his throat. “I am deputizing for him, we haven’t heard from him.”

She nodded. “In that case, shall we?”

“Please vote in favour or against, your votes would be counted as per the percentage you hold in this place, vote wisely.” Jega said and pressed a button. “We have five minutes.” He said, and took his seat.

Dad bit his fingers uncontrollably as the clock ticked. Five minutes was so close yet so far. I watched the clock anxiously and couldn’t wait for the alarm, my ‘impatience’ was soon rewarded as the alarm went.

Jega fetched his remote and turned towards the flat screen. “I would now reveal the results which would determine the fate of Mr. Adeoye and Millaroca.” He said, and turned on the TV.

**********************************************************************************************************************Ini covered her nose as she used her fingers to pick the diaper lightly. “Eewww!!! Omg! I am so dead.”

Marcus smiled as he walked into the bathroom. “Ini, is that how to hold a diaper?”

She wore a frown as she hurled the diaper into the bin. “You should train this girl how to do her business in the toilet, I mean, this is unfair.”

“Did you know anything about doing your business in the toilet at her age?” he asked, as he took his seat in the tub. “Do you want to wash her?”

She scoffed. “Hell no! It’s bad enough that I have to take out the messy diaper.”

“You are one lazy person. I mean I do this all the time.”

She hissed. “You think I am lazy? I don’t think so, I am just avoiding the mess.”

Marcus scoffed as he opened the tap. “Can I have her?” Ini nodded as she stretched the baby across. “On a second thought, you wash her.”

“No way, Marcus.”

He smiled. “Yes way, Ini. Wash her! Time to get responsible, get in the tub.”

She frowned as she sat by the edge of the tub. “I will run the water, while you wash, I can’t imagine touching poop.”

“Seriously? We were all once babies you know.” He said, washing the baby. “Pour the water gently.”

She sighed. “Can’t we just get this over and done with?”

“Not that easy, she is only a baby.”

She nodded. “She would need a nanny, or better yet, tell your mom to get responsible.”

He frowned. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, where is your mom? The other day she was out and she left this little baby alone, that’s cold.”

He nodded. “I know my mom, but she has really been helpful in taking care of my daughter.”

“What’s her name?”

He stalled and shook his head. “Ini.”

“What?!” Ini screamed as her jaw dropped. The baby yelled too probably from the fright of Ini’s scream. “I am sorry, Ini.” She said, eyeballing Marcus.


Oyinkan dropped her bag on the table and took her seat. “You are not going to do what I think?” she said.

Wole smiled. “We are.”

She stared at David. “Man, this won’t be funny and you know it, at least, let’s hear the outcome of Millaroca first.”

David smiled. “I have made up my mind, I would do this without Kimberly, I would go to my mother and apologize.”

“David, we would have an advantage with Kimberly. You need to first sort yourself out with Kim before you even talk to your mom.”

He shook his head in disagreement. “I am going to do it alone, I am a man now, I can’t keep running away.”

“What about Kimberly?” Oyinkan asked.

Wole tapped the table. “Guys…TV!!!” They all turned to see Kimberly, Prof. Mrs. Bankole and Mr. Adeoye on National TV.

“In what could be described as a major turnaround for long standing magazine, Millaroca, Mr. Adeoye has reaffirmed his position as President of Millaroca Magazine, the expected sale of Millaroca to unnamed prestigious bodies would no longer take place and according to Mr. Adeoye and even from the wide audience, this is thanks to one lady, Kim Banks.” The reported said, and turned the Microphone in Kimberly’s direction. “How does this feel? You are the most talked about person, how does it feel?” she asked.

David turned off the TV. Oyinkan groaned. “Back to business.” He said.

“You should have at least allowed us to hear what she had to say.” She replied.

He smiled. “That’s my woman there, I decide whether I want you guys to hear it or not.”

“Durr! She’s is now a celebrity, she has made her own name. She is our celebrity.” Oyinkan retorted.

David smiled. “Whatever guys! Now, let’s focus, I don’t want that Ben around her so we have to find a way to keep him away.”

“He loves her and he wants to fight for her.” She replied.

Wole scoffed. “Oyinkan, forget about that. David loves her more, you know that.”

“Oyinkan, do you love Ben?” David asked.

She scoffed lightly. “David, give me a break! This is about you, not me.”

He smiled. “I am curious.”

“No. I don’t love anyone.”

David shrugged. “I will take you by your word; I will visit my mom tonight.”

“So soon?” She asked.

David nodded. “I need to meet her. I can’t wait any more.”


Bolu passed Tunji a glass. “I must congratulate my friend, you have enemies in your family.”

“They are not my enemies.”

Bolu smiled. “Wow. Your daughter writes an article that happens to cause a change in the minds of the board, and to cap it off, your wife is the silent partner.” Tunji frowned. “Sorry, soon-to-be ex-wife.”

Tunji hissed. “I won’t sign those papers.”

“Wura would drag you to court.”

Tunji scoffed. “She can’t! She won’t dare”

Bolu laughed. “I don’t think you noticed, but the Wura I saw back there, looked to me just like Kimberly, a real viper. That Wura would drag you across the country and beyond to get her divorce.”

“I won’t let her.”

Bolu nodded. “What do you intend to do about it?”

“I will cry. I will ask for her forgiveness, I want to work my family into place.”

Bolu spat into the cup. “You are a fool! You are a weakling, a woman, a dog!”

“Shut up, Bolu! Just shut up! I am not a fool nor a woman or any of those vulgar names. Is it a crime to want to have my family together?”

Bolu nodded. “Now you talk back to me, that’s impressive, Tunji. You don’t want to get on my bad side, you know.”

Tunji scoffed. “Damn you, Bolu Coker. Enough of your dominance and all, you need to show me some respect.”

“You can never have any respect from me, you would get your respect from your fans if you keep to your end of our agreement, else, I would expose everything about Bola, Bello and you are doomed.”

Tunji smiled. “We both would be doomed eventually.”

“You are an ingrate, Tunji Bankole, I have always put myself out there for you.”

Tunji slammed the table. “No!” he hissed. “You have always been selfish, very greedy; money is never enough for you and that’s why we are in this fix.”

Bolu took a deep breath. “Tunji Bankole, you can’t get away with all these you have said.”

“I know, but I am ready to come clean, what’s the worst that could happen, we will get the jail term that we deserve!”

Bolu laughed out loud. “No one would ever arrest me. As for you, your end is sooner than you think, you have offended me this time and there is no forgiveness.”

Tunji nodded. “I am ready for the hit, but I promise you, Bolu, you are finished.” He said, and walked out.

Bolu Coker grunted heavily and hurled the bottle at the door, he scattered the table in anger and sank into a chair soaked in his sweat.

**********************************************************************************************************************“Are you sure about this?” Mom asked as she opened the door.

I shrugged. “I have left everything behind already.”

“Including David? You didn’t touch your meal throughout the flight, you kept staring out of the window.”

I nodded. “I need this break, away from him, away from work, away from everything, just seeing David’s signature on that paper broke my heart, I couldn’t even come to terms with the fact he might have signed it a while back.”

“I wish he felt this strongly about you too.”

I nodded. “Mom, David loves me.”

She smiled. “You sound confident.” She poured a glass of wine. “I would have stayed back to make things work if I was in your shoes then.”

“I don’t understand.”

She sipped her wine. “The Wura that cared about your Dad then is gone, I had to put up with him for your sake, but now, I can’t do that anymore.”


She cut in. “You are not to blame, Kimberly. You are my own pride and joy. I am grateful to God that I have you.”

I hugged her. “I love you, mom.”

“I love you too…now, I suggest you return to the man you love.”

I shook my head in disagreement. “Not yet, we need this space.”

“But why? You are hurting and I am sure he is.”

I nodded. “Mom, David has been through a lot as a kid, as Bolu Coker’s son, I yelled at him that day, and I feel so bad about it, I need him to forgive me, Mom, he walked away from me, he was hurt.”

She smiled. “That’s why I think you should be with him now. He needs you.”

“You need me too, mom.”

She scoffed lightly. “Don’t make these excuses, Kimberly.”

“Mom, they are not excuses. Sometimes, we need to really be sure about what we are into.”

She nodded. “I just have one question, if after this break, David tells you that, he would move on with someone else, how would you feel?”

I took a deep breath. “My life would literally be over, but then, maybe we weren’t meant to be.”

“Let’s look on the positive side, honey.” She said, and passed me her glass. “Wine?”

I shook my head. “I want to sleep. You should get some rest.”

“Kim, I am getting a divorce from your Dad, how do you feel about it?”

I scoffed. “Mom, I am not a kid anymore, and to be honest, you never had a marriage.” I replied. She smiled lightly and blew me a kiss. “Good night, Mom.”

“Good night, my dear.”

**********************************************************************************************************************Tola ‘hibernated’ her laptop. “So now it would be Skype?”

“Na so we see am oh…Skype zone” Ini replied in her casual pidgin English as she yawned. “It is good to have enough money oh…I mean, why would someone just walk out of her office and fly to Abuja and say it is for a break?”

Tola hissed. “Kim’s mother must have told her to accompany her. Now our girlfriend has decided to take a break.”

“If you ask me, I’ll say she is running away from David. Amazon lady is madly in love with David and the mere thought that he may not love her frightens her.” Ini replied.

Tola scoffed. “David would never leave Kim, that guy is too attached to her.”

“Never trust men, and you? Have you gone to Wole?”

Tola shook her head in disagreement. “He may never forgive me. I am scared of being rejected.” Ini drew closer to her. Tola wiped a tear drop. “I feel so disgusted and ashamed of myself, Wole must see me as nymphomaniac. It’s horrible.”

Ini smiled. “He won’t. Wole is a very understanding, I am sure he would come around soon. Truth be told, I am very positive.”

“What about you? Marcus?”

Ini smiled. “Marcus, right? I find it hard to believe but it is real, Tola. How could I have been so blind? Marcus is the only one for me. Who else would love me?”

Tola sneered. “We always told you. I am so glad you have finally realized it.”

Ini smiled and drew Tola closer for a hug. “I wish Kim was here to complete our groupie. I miss her.”

“Me too…” Tola replied, almost inaudibly. She paused and stared at Ini. “What if Kim returns and she moves out of this house to live on her own, you know? What if she starts to drive a Range Rover Sport? Or those flashy cars and she doesn’t want to associate with us again? I mean, you should check her twitter, she has been up by at least fifty thousand followers since her post went viral. We are finished, Ini.”

Ini laughed with a great deal of sarcasm. “Very funny, Tola Matthews. You know Kimberly isn’t like that, she loves us.”

“I am just saying, you know when fame takes over, we all change. I mean, I’ll change when I am famous.”

Ini smiled. “Exactly! That’s why you must continue to work for Mr. Asolo in Christ name.”

“Ha! Which kind nonsense be that one na? Abeg o!” Tola rattled in Pidgin.

Ini’s phone vibrated and a message popped on the screen. ‘Shola Jones: When are you going to jail?’  Ini replied. ‘J Soon!’

Tola stared at her. “What’s up?”

“Oh that…where you actually spying on my chat?”

She shrugged. “Not exactly. I just thought I could take a peek.”

Ini smiled. “Well…I might have something to tell you since we are alone, and it is obvious you are not really a saint like Madam Kim, so we might keep this secret.”

“We don’t hide anything for ourselves.” Tola replied.

Ini scoffed. “Trust me, we are both filthy enough to withstand what I would tell you, Kim would just die.”

“I think you are underestimating Kimberly’s innocence.”

Ini hissed. “The worst that girl must have done in her life would be to hide her clothes and shoes under the bed if she wanted to avoid church.” Both ladies laughed. “I need a beer.”

“Thought you were sober.”

Ini scoffed. “Sober? I am not an alcoholic, I just drink.”

“Social drinker?”

Ini winked. “If you put it that way.” She said and left for the kitchen. “Smirn off?” she called.

“No, thank you. Wole won’t like that.”

Ini laughed. “I see.”

**********************************************************************************************************************Oyinkan dropped her bag by the bar. “Why did you call?”

“I am sorry. I was harsh, right?”

She scoffed. “Ben, I am your friend, and I care about you, but you can’t keep doing this to you in the name of love.” She said, pointing at the drinks.

He sighed. “Please sit.” She obliged. “It’s just that I think I have lost Kimberly forever.”

She took a deep breath. “She may not have been the one for you, try to understand.” She said softly.

“You know, earlier today, I was with her, and she told me to my face that she loves David.” He sipped his drink. “Not like she had never said that to me before, but it was so confident. She was reassuring me that we would never have anything.” He paused to laugh. “She even said I was said I was in a zone.”

Oyinkan smiled. “Zone? Sorry man, that’s cold.”

“Do you want a drink?”

She waved lightly. “No.” she tapped him as she smiled. “In other cheering news, my License got approved.”

He smiled. “That’s good news. Congratulations. We should drink to that.”

“Yeah…but not today. Do you want to walk? The waterfront isn’t far from here.”

He nodded and picked his jacket. He pulled a thousand naira from his pocket and placed it under his glass. “Thank you.” he said, to the barman.

He staggered as he tried to balance on his feet. Oyinkan helped his with his balance as she put his hand around her neck. “You are wasted.”

“No…not yet. I have an extra bottle at home.” He said, sloppily.

She took a deep breath. “You will be okay, my friend, you will.”

“I will never be.” He replied slowly as they walked into the cold night.

**********************************************************************************************************************Wole pulled up in the garage. “Are you sure about this man?

David nodded as he unbuckled the seatbelt. “Yes, I am going to turn it all around.”

“What if it goes bad?”

David smiled. “Then it goes as we have expected, I am not expecting her to hug me, I just want to see her.”

Wole took a deep breath. “We should have waited for Kimberly.”

“Kim didn’t throw my mother out, I did.” David replied.

Wole nodded. “I understand your point but man,…”

“No buts…” David cut in. “I would do this.”

Wole nodded. “I am with you, my man.” He replied as he opened the car door. “Let’s go.”

They walked into the hospital and stopped by the help desk. “Good evening ladies.” David said.

“Good evening sirs.” One of the attendants replied.

David clenched his fist. “We are here to see a patient. She goes by the name Elizabeth Sunflower.”

The receptionist looked through her laptop. “Mrs. Sunflower? What is your relationship with her?”

Wole cleared his throat. “Family friends.”

“Family Friends?” She asked.

David nodded. “Yes.”

The receptionist smiled. “Just give me a minute.” She said, as she put a phone call through. She smiled as she stared at them. “Please hang on, do have your seats.”

Wole and David took their seats. “Do you think they would let us in? David asked.

“We are doing this the right way, it’s better than sneaking in and drawing your father’s attention if we are caught.”

David nodded. “I tried calling Kim.”

“I thought you said you wanted to give it a break?” Wole asked with a smile.

He nodded. “I know, but I need her. I am scared here.”

“You have got me, man.” Wole replied

David hissed. “Who are you?”

“I might as well leave you alone.” Wole replied, attempting to stand up.

David forced him back on the chair. “Where are you going to? You can’t leave me alone.”

Wole smiled. “Say you need me.”

David frowned. “Are you crazy? Can’t you see the ladies staring at us?”

“And so?” Wole asked, lazily.

David shoved him kindly as he flashed a smile at the pretty receptionists. “You are embarrassing me, Wole.” He said, through his clenched teeth.

A Doctor walked up to them. “Ms. Sunflower’s relatives?”

David and Wole nodded. “Yes sir.”

“I am afraid only one of you can see her.”

Wole nodded and tapped David. “Good luck, man.”

David followed the doctor. He stood by the door as the doctor walked in. “Elizabeth, how are you tonight?”

She smiled feebly as she turned off the TV. “It is a glamorous evening, my daughter had a fantastic day, Millaroca is back on its feet thanks to her, and she’s all over the news.”

David wiped a drop of tear from his eye as he watched his mother refer to Kimberly as ‘daughter’. His mother looked feeble, he watched her speak, her eyes were dark, same mother he knew, the one with no glow. The only difference now was her age.

The Doctor nodded. “That’s good, Kim Banks wrote something that moved us all, we are happy for you.” he said, as he adjusted her bed. She turned her face in David’s direction, but he bowed his head immediately. The Doctor smiled. “A friend is here to see you.” The Doctor said and walked out.

David picked his steps slowly with his head bowed. He blinked as his heart raced fast and wished to turn back immediately.

“Who are you, son?” Elizabeth asked, feebly.

His teeth clattered as he slowly raised his head. Their faces met, he stared into her eyes. “My name is David…David Sunflower.”



Tomi Adesina is a screenwriter and fiction series blogger. She wrote the widely read ‘Dear Future Husband’ series(blog series and eBook adaptation) Her blog, Tommyslav’s Island won the best writing blog category (Judges' Choice) in the Nigerian blog Awards (2013). She blogs at


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