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Mr. Abasi-Itama stared at Ini carefully. “How many bottles of Alcohol did you have?”

Ini took a deep breath. “Mr. Abasi-Itama, I would love to be taken to the questioning room for proper interrogation, I want to report a crime.”

He slammed the table. “Stop this nonsense, Ini.”

“Why are you not going to have my statement? I want to help the police with an investigation.”

He took a deep breath. “Tell me what happened.”

Ini rubbed her forehead. “It is about the attack on Shola Jones’s skin.”

“The Model at your agency?”

She nodded. “Yes, Shola Jones.” She took a deep breath and continued. “I was the one who prompted the accident on her skin, I changed the cream.”

“You did what?” A perplexed Eddie Abasi-Itama asked.

Ini nodded convincingly. “I changed Shola’s cream.”

“Do you know the extent of what you are telling me? You are likely to face jail term, Ini.”

She nodded. “I know.”

He nodded. “Continue.”

“I had carefully studied the cream she’s been using for a while, so I made use of exactly the same cream vessel, but a different content.” She paused to catch some air. “She was in the bathroom having her bath when I changed the cream.”

He stared at her. “Ini, so you were solely responsible for this attack on Shola’s skin? No accomplices or third party?”

She nodded. “Yes sir, I did it all by myself. I was the only one who carried out the attack.”

He took a deep breath. “Why are you coming to me now?”

She smiled. “There is no peace for the wicked, is there?”

He smiled. “Ini, you know this is dangerous right?” he said, bringing out a file. “I can give you a statement form now, and you would write your report, or we can ignore this until someone comes forward.”

Ini scoffed. “More like postponing the judgment day? Forget it Uncle Eddie, I want this done now.” She replied with a smile.

He smiled. “Now, tell me the genuine reason why you decided to turn yourself in.”

“I am being blackmailed.”

He nodded. “I thought as much.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Blackmail is a crime too, right? There’s a punishment for it too, right?”

He nodded. “Yes, it has its own case of severity.”

She smiled. “Okay, Shola Jones who was the victim of my attack is blackmailing me, and she has received some money from me.”

He smiled. “Ini Obong, I just knew you weren’t a saint after all, so, what do you want?”

“I have to report, I just need the crime to be taken up.”

He nodded. “But you know that Shola has to press charges.”

“I will make her press charges.” She replied, and sent a text from her phone. “I am going to push her to the wall so she can press charges.”

He scoffed. “Do you have any evidence?”

She nodded. “Of course, Uncle.  I have payment vouchers and a contract signed.”

“There is a witness.”

She nodded. “My ex-manager is a witness.”

“Ex-manager? Does this mean that he knew about it?”

She shook her head in disagreement. “He is totally unaware of the situation, but I am going to fire him in the morning, he has become very useless to me.”

Mr. Abasi-Itama took a deep breath. “Ini, I want you to think carefully about what you are going to do before you do it?” He drew his chair closer. “This could ruin your career.”

“I know, but I am ready for it.” She replied. ‘Shola is going down too.’ She said in her heart.

He nodded. “Okay, so, are you going to drop your statement before you leave? Or would you be back tomorrow?”

“I’ll drop it now.”

I stared at David who was fast asleep on my bed. David said he couldn’t drive back let so I ushered him to my room. I fixed my gaze on the laptop and went through my article for the umpteenth time. ‘It has to be perfect’ I thought.

After my last and final read, I sent the article to Millaroca’s email address; they would work round the clock to ensure its publication. I closed the laptop and placed it on the side table.

I stared at David’s body, it was perfect. I found myself running my eyes through his bare chest, I felt the impulse to touch his chest and I did. He moved and I took my hand off him. I took a deep breath and then kissed his lips lightly. David is a real hunk! I shut my eyes and rebuked myself. ‘You shouldn’t be doing this…’ I said repeatedly.

I grabbed my pillow and left for the living room.


“Thanks for coming.” Ini said, as she hurled the keys at Henry.

He sighed. “So, I am the chauffeur?”

She nodded with a smile. “I got drunk and the police picked me up, that’s all.”

“You don’t look drunk, Ini.” He said, opening the door for her.

She took her seat. “Thank you, Henry.”

He started the engine. “So, why didn’t you call Marcus?”

“Oh…fast asleep. His phone rang endlessly.”

He stared at her. “Why are you lying? Did you and Marcus fight?”

She scoffed. “Is it a big deal if Marcus and I had a fight, he’s just my manager.”

He nodded. “Manager…” he drooled.

Ini scoffed. “Think whatever you like, Kid.”

“Hey! Don’t call me that.” He replied, sharply.

She nodded. “I am sorry, sir.”

He winked at her. “Welcome.”


My hard fought sleep was soon cut short. I heard the door bell ring endlessly. I groaned, hissed, kicked before I finally pulled myself from the couch. It was bad enough that I had to sleep on the couch, now the sleep had been terminated. “Who is it?” I shouted angrily as I took a peek through the door hole. Ini and Henry’s head bulged through it. I took a deep breath and pushed the door open.

“Sorry to disturb your sleep.” Ini said, as she walked in. “I didn’t take my key.” She added, quickly.

Henry smiled. “You are hot!” I stared at him and then looked at myself. I was wearing my varsity sweat shirt and socks on my feet. I hissed and turned away, what was he looking at? “I could kill to have you right now?”

“Are you alright?” I asked, as I repositioned myself on the couch and drew my blanket over my skin.

Ini stared at me and looked up. “I think he’s hotter!” I stared at her confusingly. She then winked and raised her eyebrow. “Him.”

I turned to see David standing down the hallway with his hands in his trousers and his bare chest. “Oh…”

“Excuse me David, but you are damn hot. Wow! Why did Kim leave the action?”

I jumped up from the couch. “Ini, what are you saying?”

Henry cleared his throat. “Erm…I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Can I use your car, Ini?” he asked.

She nodded and handed him the keys. “Thank you and drive safely.” She said, as she shut the door after him. “So? Why is this hunk standing here?” she asked, staring at David.

I cleared my throat. “I fell asleep doing some work here.” I said pointing to my surrounding, but seeing that I had no work material around, I bit my lips and smiled. “Or not.” I added, quickly.

“That doesn’t answer my question, Kimberly. You are alone with a full fleshed man, and not just any type of man, a really sexy man, and that is dangerous, my dear.” Ini said, nodding her head. “Pure sarcasm.”

David smiled. “Welcome.”

She nodded and walked in. I took a deep breath.

“Why did you leave the room?”

I stuttered over a few words. “Erm…Ah…I…erm…I wanted to watch TV.” I said, hastily.

He walked over. “TV? Kim, try another lie.  You kissed me, I know.”

I buried my head in my hand. “I am sorry, I didn’t want to take advantage of you.”

He burst into a horrid laugh. “Kimberly, I am yours.”

I stared at him. “Really?”

He took my hand and placed it on his chest close to his heart. “You have me, Kimberly. I am yours.”
I walked into the hospital and was restrained by a police officer. “Who are you?” he asked.

I scoffed. “My Mom is in there.” I replied. A man approached us. “Who are you?” I asked.

The man stared at the policeman and nodded. “Its fine, let her in.”

I shook my head and walked into her room. “How many of you are guarding her and from what?” I shouted as I sighted two officers in her room. Dad came out from the bathroom. “You!”

“Kimberly, I can explain.”

I scoffed. “You are a failure, Dad.”

He took a deep breath and signaled to the policemen to excuse us. They walked out briskly. “Kim, don’t talk to me like that.”

I nodded. “Really? You led mom to this point, you failed us, Dad.”

He nodded. “Say whatever you want, Kimberly Bankole, but I only want what’s best for us all.”

I scoffed. “Really? Did you not hit my mom?”

He took a deep breath. “Wura provoked me.”

My emotions were getting in the way as I fought back tears in my eyes. “You are an animal. You have been hitting her since I was little, and then she would have to put so much make up on to cover up.” I said, raising my voice. “She has been covering up your mess since I was child, she wanted to protect me.” I paused to catch my breath. “Seeing how much I respected my father, the poor woman was hanging on.” I stared at my mom’s unconscious body. “What was she hanging on to? You? You are worthle…ss” I hadn’t completed my statement when Dad’s palm sunk into my face. I crashed into a chair.

He took a deep breath. “Just shut up! Shut up! Shut up!!! Shut up!!!!!!!” he screamed. “Wura won’t stop! Elizabeth didn’t stop! Bola didn’t stop! You women are all fools! You keep provoking men, and yet you are nothing but weak. Weak and insignificant. Weak and weak!” he shouted, kicked my chair hard and stormed out.

Tears rolled down my red eyes as I tried to absorb the fact that my father had just slapped me hard, but what I couldn’t understand was why he called names. I pulled myself up from the chair and chased after him. I grabbed him by the shirt as I met him. “Who is Elizabeth? Who is Bola?” I screamed.

He stared at me and yanked my hand of his shirt. “This is a hospital.” I grabbed him again and this time I crashed badly into the floor from his second hit. “Thank God this is a hospital.” He said and walked out.

I was helped up by a policeman. “Leave me alone!” I shouted as I balanced on my feet.

Tola stared at Tolu as he wrestled with keeping his eyes open. “Don’t stress yourself.”

He nodded. “Tola, I missed you.”

She smiled. “I know.” He smiled back. “But, I didn’t miss you.” his smile faded as her words sank in. “What did you think? That I’d spend my life loving you.” she took a deep breath. “Tolu, it’s over between us.”

He cleared his throat as he tried sitting up. “Tola, I am really sorry.”

“Tolu, I forgive you, but, I am not taking you back. It is not in my plans.”

He stared at her. “You are the only one for me.”

She smiled. “I know.” She drew her chair closer. “I have paid your hospital bills, keep the car and the flat.” She said, standing up.

He held her hand. “You can’t leave me like this.”

She scoffed. “Of course not, I dropped some peanuts in your bank account too, I am done with you.” she said as she walked out.

Wole was waiting in the hallway. He wore a smile as Tola came out. “How did it go?”

She took a deep breath. “I told him that I was done.”

He kissed her forehead. “Its okay, Tola. You can always come and say hi.”

She shook her head. “No, I don’t want to give him the wrong ideas.”

Wole smiled. “That’s fine. Shall we?” he said, leading the way out. “David is moving into the house today.”

She smiled. “For real? That man doesn’t spare a second in showing his mega billions.”

“David worked hard for it, right from when he was a teenager, I never liked him then.” He replied, opening the door for her.

She winked. “Jealous?”

He hissed. “No, just pissed.” He laughed. “So, should I drop you off with the ladies?” he asked, closing the car door.

She smiled. “I am staying with you, coward.”

“Lord have mercy.” He muttered.
I took a deep breath as I nursed my cheek. There was a knock on the door. “Great!” I muttered. The knock came again. “Come in.”

Ben strolled in with his hand in his pocket. “Hey beautiful…” he stressed the ‘ful’ part and I could bet it was because of my face, there was a tiny bruise on it. “What happened to your face?”

“Just a tiny accident.”

He nodded. “David hit you, right?”

I scoffed. “You hate David so much, right?”

He slammed the table hard. “That idiot! How dare he touch you?”

I slammed the table. “Can you stop? It is my business whatever happens with me.”

He nodded. “You are kidding me, right?  This guy is hitting you because he thinks he you have no one who cares for you.”

The intercom rang. “Hello sir.”

“Have you seen the magazine yet?”

I shook my head in disagreement. “No sir, it is due to come in…” I pulled my sleeves up to check my wristwatch. “in fifteen minutes, sir.”

“I have a copy and I need to see you now.” The line went dead and my face went stone. Mr. Adeoye didn’t sound well. I took a deep breath as I pushed back my chair back and rose to my feet.
Ben fumed. “Kim, why are you doing this to yourself? I love you, why do you want to be with David?”

I smiled. “I love him.” I said, and turned to walk away. He grabbed my hand and I yanked it furiously from his grip. “Ben, it’s a shame you want to hit David, but go and hit my father, he hit me.”  I said and stormed out.

I caught my breath as I knocked and turned the door knob to Mr. Adeoye’s office. His face was sad. OH no…it is over! I took a deep breath and bowed my head. “I am sorry, sir.”

He nodded. “Of course.” He sighed and motioned to a chair. “Sit.”

I took my seat. “Where do we go from here?”

He laughed. “Where do YOU go from here?” I blinked as the words sank. I was the one chasing a career, Mr. Adeoye has had the best part of life, Dad’s deadline was zoning in on me, and we had signed an agreement. I took a deep breath as I braced to answer his question. “Ah…wait, I have this Chamdor I think we should drink.” He said, standing up as he fetched the bottle from his fridge. “You know there was this woman in the bible who called her son and they ate their last meal and waited for death, so I said to myself this morning, Adeoye, you will call Kimberly and you will toast to the ruins of Millaroca.’”

I watched as Mr. Adeoye poured my glass carefully. He smiled as he passed me the glass. “Cheers!” he said, and returned to his seat. “So, tell me Kimberly, where would you go from here?”

I took a deep breath. “Sir…I don’t know.”

He nodded. “You better do, child. When stardom stares you in the face, you have to know what’s next.”

I stared at him trying to place his last words. “Sir?”

He smiled. “The board will re-vote, congratulations!”

David threw his phone on the table. “Dad, what is this?”

Bolu smiled as he stared at the phone. “I see your got my text, MTN is really superb these days, the speed and all.” He smiled wider. “Did the network also hasten your speed here?”

David slammed the table. “Stop it! This isn’t funny. How dare you threaten Kim’s life?”

He gasped. “Did I?” he grinned. “I only sent a text reminding you of the unfortunate death of that lady, and how people that are close get hurt. Did it sound like a threat?”

David shook his head. “Dad, you are irredeemable.” He ran his finger into his forehead. “This time, I would defile you.”

“You already did.”Bolu replied, standing up. “There is a way to save this situation.”

David raised an eyebrow. “Really?”


David scoffed. “What are you saying? I love Kimberly and nothing can change that.”

Bolu shook his head in disagreement. “You don’t. Maybe you are fascinated by her beauty and charm, she is intelligent, so that attracts any sensible man, but you don’t love her.” He pointed at David confidently. “You once told me that she is not your type, remember? I begged you to agree to her.”

David laughed. “So you fell for that? I have been crazy about her since we were kids, and of course, I couldn’t admit to being in love, could I?”

Bolu sank into a chair. “You are a failure, David Coker.”

“No, I failed you. I didn’t fail myself.” He replied, and fetched a white envelope from his pocket and placed it on the table. “Mr. Coker, that is my resignation, I would be back to fight for my mother’s company.”

Bolu laughed so hard that he almost fell off his chair. “Oh my God! David, you have some serious guts. You dare resign?” he smiled. “David you are responsible for kicking your mother out, you are also evil, don’t think you are a saint.”

“I have resigned.” David said, as he adjusted his blazer. “And, I would be back.”

Bolu nodded. “I would be waiting for you.” David nodded and turned away but was stopped in his track by his father’s next statement. “By the way David, I love your new house, it is antique.” David turned angrily. “Nice garden too.” Bolu concluded with a smile.
“Thank you.” I said to the nurse, as I took my seat near Elizabeth. I held her fragile hand. “Hi.” I said, with a smile.

She smiled tiredly. “Kim, how are you?”

“Very well, and you?”

She sighed. “I am better.”

“What happened?”

She shrugged. “I got worse.” She turned to the other side and coughed. “I have a gift for you, Mother Francesca brought it.”

I smiled. “You shouldn’t have bothered.”

She shook her head. “Those who make us happy deserve our thanks.” She tried to bend to pick a bag, but I did that swiftly and handed her the bag. “Thank you.” she said as she collected the bag. She pulled out a wrapped painting. “I have had this painting since the last twelve years, it have always kept it clean. It is the last painting of my son before he died.” She said, as she unveiled it.

“Why are you giving it to me?”

She sighed as she cleaned the surface. “My son threw it away, this was the first painting that David said wasn’t beautiful.” She said sadly as she handed it to me. “I loved that painting, I did it when he was reading in the study, and my son had become too classy too early.”

I stared at the painting. The boy’s face was blurry but his clothes were all sharply done. “Why is his face blurred?”

She touched the face carefully. “I decided to fade it, It meant to say he was drifting away, I presented it to him on his birthday and he threw it at me, he said, ‘this isn’t beautiful’, my heart bled that day. I knew I had lost him, it didn’t take long before his father kicked me away.”

My heart broke. “How could anyone’s child be like that?” I asked as I marveled at a priceless work of art. “Your son’s name was David?” I asked. She nodded. “My fiancé is David.” I said.

She smiled. “That’s nice, if it is not too awkward, why don’t you give it to him?”

“I think I will give him.” I replied. “Sometimes, I feel David is so lost, missing someone so badly and I just want to reach out to that part in his heart, but it is really locked away, I wish I could help him.”

She rubbed my forehead. “That’s sad. This painting may torment him, don’t give him.”

She shrugged.
I stepped out of the cab and stood before David’s gate. “This is beautiful.” I said, and stared at my phone to confirm the address. “Of course, this has to be it.” I pressed the bell.

A man in a smart uniform approached the gate, he opened it without questioning me. “Welcome ma’am.” He said, reaching for my bag.

“No, thank you.” I said, and held on to the bag. The man escorted me to the door and turned back. “Thank you.”  I said as he opened the door and turned back.  I walked into the house unable to close my mouth yet. This is the good life! Not like I haven’t seen grande buildings and all, but being antique with so many old designs, this place is different.

David stood before me with a champagne bottle and two glasses. He bowed in a French way. “Welcome to our villa, my queen.”

I chuckled softly. “David?”

He nodded with a smile revealing his baby dimple. “Do you love it?”

I stared at him hard. “Perfecto!”

He nodded and ushered me to a seat. “Please sit.” I took my seat and he took his beside me as he poured the wine glass. “Here you go, baby.”

“Thank you.”

He raised his glass for the toast. “To us?”

“To us.” I replied as we clinked. I sipped my drink and dropped the glass kindly beside the table. “Congratulations, it is a beautiful house.”

He smiled. “It is our home. I want us to live here together, and forever.” He said, and leaned over to kiss me.

Every moment I spent with David was beautiful, he kissed tenderly and made me special with every word of his, I stared at his eyes and even though they were lit up, I could still see his sorrow. I stroked his hair. “David, why won’t you let me in?”

He took a deep breath. “On what?” he asked, quietly. “Don’t ruin this moment.”

I smiled. “I am sorry, but I feel you are hurting too much David, just tell me what it is, we could go through it together.”

“You would hate me if I told you.”

I shook my head in disagreement. “I could never hate you. I can’t be without you, I won’t hate you, just tell me.”

He took a deep breath. “Where do I start? Kim, I can’t do this.” He said, standing up. He accidentally hit the bag I brought and the painting dropped. “What’s this?” he said, picking up the bag.

“It is a gift for you. Maybe you can hang it somewhere.” I said, as I sipped my drink.

He started to unwrap it. “Thank you.”

I smiled. “My friend sent it to you.”

He stared. “Who’s that?” he stared at the painting and dropped it immediately. He panted heavily and crashed into the chair.

I rushed to him. “David! David!!” I tapped him as he struggled to stare at me. “I know the painting is painful, I am sorry. Baby, I am sorry.”

His eyes were red. “Elizabeth Sunflower gave you?” he said, as he struggled to breath. He looked afraid as he held my head. “Kim, you’ll hate me.”

“David, I won’t hate you.” I said, as I knelt before him. “Please David, just pull yourself together.” He turned his face away. I touched his face and it was hot. “David, please. Don’t do this to me. Your face is burning up.”

Tears streamed down his face, he tried to hide them as he sobbed under his breath. “I am sorry.”

“David, what is going on?” I screamed.

He stood up and picked up the painting, he wiped his eyes. “The woman who made this painting is Elizabeth Sunflower.” He said, as he ran his fingers across the painting. I nodded in agreement. “Kim…what have I done? Oh my God” he paused and took a deep breath as he closed his eyes and held the painting close to his chest. “She is my MOTHER!”



Tomi Adesina is a screenwriter and fiction series blogger. She wrote the widely read ‘Dear Future Husband’ series(blog series and eBook adaptation) Her blog, Tommyslav’s Island won the best writing blog category (Judges' Choice) in the Nigerian blog Awards (2013). She blogs at


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