#TheServiceCritic: The Review Of Coral Blue Seafood Restaurant,Victoria Island.Lagos.

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Monday, 12.30p.m

Hey people,

The second half of year 2013 is upon us. I am grateful for days gone past and looking forward to the coming ones. How have you all been? Anything interesting happening with you? My sisters and I had been planning a lunch date for like forever and it just did not happen till “the law” (my youngest sister), decided she had found the place. She got us a deal for Sunday buffet at Coral Blue Seafood Restaurant.



Coral Blue seafood restaurant is a  casual dinning seafood restaurant . The ambience created  here is  synonymous  with the seaside  seafood restaurant. It is  simple and  nicely laid out with traditional white and blue seats and tables.Ornate mirrors and  sea themed wall art, adorn the white painted walls.  There is also a nice outdoor eating area. Meals here are served  buffet style and a la carte.

We were shown to our tables by a warm waiter who handed us the  drinks menu. I am a cocktail kind of girl but  I have had a lot more misses than hits so I am not very keen on them these days. I could not stop laughing after going through the drinks menu,the names were rib cracking.  We settled for “screaming nipples” and the “blue lagoon”. 

blue lagoon


There is just something overwhelming with buffets, there is always so much to eat yet I always get confused. So here I decided  to take my time. I started with the salad bar. The presentation of the salad bar was beautiful and they had quite a variety of fresh looking yummy salads, dressings and breads. I decided to take bits and pieces  of each. I had the Russian salad, Prawns and Mango salad, Tropical salad and the Greek salad.  I  did not have any dressing with the salads. My favorite here was the Russian salad, it was a mix of diced potatoes and carrots tossed in mayonnaise ….as simple as it sounds it tasted nice.  I also liked the Prawn and Mango Salad, the combination of  mango and prawns was quite outstanding…..the prawn was however overcooked.


coral 7

(a). Russian Salad   ( b). Prawn and Mango Salad.

I  normally would do soup for buffet but I am not a fan of fish pepper soup … I will skip  the reasons. (TMI)  I jejely moved on. A  friend once told me the best way to enjoy buffet is to go round, survey and then decide on what to have.  So I did and I was quite  surprised at how much variety they had. They had crabs , fish, shrimps, mussels, and calamari.

They also had spare ribs and chicken wings…..in a seafood restaurant?  Well… I asked the chef on duty about the ribs  and chicken wings and he explained that sometimes  families came with  non seafood loving people hence the need to cater to everyone’s needs…it made perfect sense to me. I decided on  steamed vegetables, the seafood paella, the grilled seabass  in mango salsa and the chargrilled fish fillet.

I loved the grilled seabass served with mango salsa- it was finely grilled seabass  served with mango salsa….it  was a little bit spicy but the mango salsa complemented it perfectly. The  vegetables were nicely seasoned and steamed. The least preferred meal here was the paella…. to me this was no paella..it was more of concoction rice…a badly made one at that. It was bland….that is the easiest way to put it. Paella without meats or seafood and greens? Mba……na concoction biko. Even the addition of mussels in creamy sauce could not remedy this.


(a). Paella with mussels in creamy sauce. (b).  steamed vegetables. (c). seabass in mango salsa. (d).chargrilled fish fillet.

It occurred to me that screaming nipples and blue lagoon had still not surfaced after almost an hour. So we called one of the waitresses and asked..she somehow got lost in the crowd . Fortunately, the manager was doing the rounds, he asked if everything was alright so we told him about the drinks and less than  5 minutes after, screaming nipples and blue Lagoon came. Was it worth the wait?  Hmnn , “the law” thought the blue lagoon tasted like soap, the screaming nipples had no magic to it, at least it did not make me scream.

Round two! I tried the spare ribs and the the mussels in creamy sauce. Both were nicely done, the spare ribs cooked tender and beautifully seasoned…. chai and the mouth waters again. The mussels were nicely done too but the creamy sauce had gone cold. I liked it nonetheless.  I knew I had to save space for desserts.

The desserts table were well laid out. and they had quite a  variety. They had chocolate fudge opera, brownies, cheesecake, chocolate swiss roll, vanilla swiss roll,  carrot cake, cream caramel and the fruit platter. I had  Chocolate fudge opera,  the chocolate swiss roll the cheesecake and brownies…..yes I know it is screaming calories but I could not help it . The chocolate fudge opera was  delicious moist layered cake filled with fudge sauce. The cheesecake was just alright…it lacked the richness I liked in my cheesecake. I liked the brownie but it had a slightly bitter aftertaste…too much cocoa powder?


coral 9

coral 10coral 8

The service manager came by the table to ask how we enjoyed the meal and noticed the  almost untouched drinks, he asked why the glasses were almost full and we said we did not fancy them quite much…..he was nice enough to offer replacements on the house but we declined because we had had  more than enough to eat.

For the meal we paid N3,500($22)  per adult because we bought a deal….. Original price for Sunday buffet is N7000 ($45). The cocktail was N1,500 ($10) each.

Would I go back there? Yes.

It is quite commendable that food dishes were quickly refilled as soon as it started to thin out.


Layout / Ambience/ Aesthetics – 8

Quality of food-8

Customer Service-7

Value for money-8.5


Thank you for  always reading.


Coral Blue Seafood Restaurant

1, Adeyemo Alakija street off Sanusi Fafunwa str

Victoria Island.


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  1. OH Mine! have gone through almost all the resturant reviews and yes you did well.Am a fan now lol… so my bf’s birthday is coming up in september and i would love to have a birthday dinner with him and his siblings.So am looking for a very good resturant.I passed a hotel at Ikeja called Ibis and i heard they have got a good resturant.I would appreciate if you can review Ibis hotel.Kind regards.

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