There Is Love In Sharing: Big Brother’s Selly Infects Housemate Nando With STD

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The sexuality of this year’s edition of Big Brother Africa took a wilder turn after housemate Nando alleged that Ghana’s Selly had infected him with a sexually transmitted disease.

In a hushed conversation between Nando and Bimp, Nando narrated how he got infected with an STD after his liason with Selly.

Selly & Nando had appeared close from the very first day, even though the Tanzanian had maintained that he didn’t want a serious relationship.

But after falling ill recently, Nando has declared that it was his romp with Selly that got him infected with Chlamydia.

Nando had told Bimp: “You know I hate that bi*ch ! I’m bleeping frustrated cos that bi*ch *Selly* gave me STD! That’s why my blood pressure was high yesterday!”

Selly has, on multiple occasions though, denied having sex with Nando.




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  1. The guy can liar if he has not done it? If Selly, argue that it not truth what where they doing under the mat for about 3 good mints? Up and coming married women in did?

  2. Why will Nando say that he got infected from Selly if they did nothing especially STD? Selly should stop lying nobody is a kid. My advice is that they should be protecting themselves even if they must have sex.

  3. All housemates are tested for any form of disease including STDs before they enter the house so how on earth did Nando know Selly gave him an STD?? Was he told by a doctor?? Was Selly tested together with him to know she gave it to him?? These are some of the questions you should be asking instead of pointing fingers at someone! It is very clear Nando is a troubled individual and it’s rather unfortunate Selly got involved with a person like that.

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