The Ultimate Title: Manny Pacquiao To Run For President Of Phillipines

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Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao has announced his decision to enter politics and run for the post of president of his native country.

The Toronto Sun reports that in a recent interview, the fighter nicknamed Pacman, who is already a beloved icon and congressman in his homeland, has hinted he is considering leading his nation when he retires from the ring.

In the Agence France-Presse chat over the weekend, Pacquiao was grilled on his political ambitions and when he was asked if he was interested in the top job, he said, “Yes.”

“When I started boxing, of course I was planning, you know, and thinking about getting to become a champion,” he said.

“So when I enter politics it’s the same thing. But, you know, it’s far away. It’s God’s will.”

Pacquiao was elected into the Philippine House of Representatives in a landslide victory in 2010.

His retirement grows ever nearer after 54 victories and two losses, which came in his last two fights.

He is set to face Brandon Rios in November.



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