The Six types of girlfriends a woman should flee from

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It is really a cold world out there and after having to deal with work stress, traffic wahala and a whole lot of emotional, physical and mental stress, the last thing a woman needs is a bitchy frenemy.

If we could lay our hands on an app or machine that can help us decode the next person’s thoughts towards us, it would be amazing! But we cannot and it hurts when people backstab us after we’ve truly and genuinely opened our hearts to them.

There might not be a app yet (we hope science would create one soon lol) but here are signs, that if attributed, means that your girlfriend doesn’t care about you and is one big frenemy.

1. The competitor: since when you’ve been friends with this woman, all she does is try to outdo you in everything you do. It feels like you are in some business together and the competition never feels healthy. For instance, you come back from work and share your best day news to her and so as not to be left out, she launches into a story of her own day which is greater and doesn’t even seem to be bothered about your news.

You meet a great guy and gist her and rather than listen to you talk and share your joy with you like you would with her, she’s already discussing many great men she just recently met too. This is one person who doesn’t care about you or your good news. If she keeps doing this all of the time, then maybe she’s not a friend.

2. Its all about her: when she’s not competing with you, she’s talking about herself all of the time. She calls you at very awkward hours to discuss her life, issues and work but is never really there to hear you share yours.

She’s never ready to hear your story but always eager to discuss hers.

Sure she’s a friend?

3. She puts you in an uncomfortable position more than once: if all she does everytime you guys are out together is to take you places she knows you’d rather not go and where you can’t leave easily, then check her.

Also if she’s set you up on a date more than once with the type of man that isn’t your type, then she really needs to be checked.

No real friend puts her girlfriend in an uncomfortable situation everytime.

4. She always transfer aggressions: for everytime she feels bad or angry about something, she doesn’t talk to you about it but ends up transferring the aggression on you. Whenever you try to find out what the problem might be, she shuts you out but that doesn’t make her open up still.

Nobody should subject anyone to this every other time. If she doesn’t wanna share, then she shouldn’t sulk about it. We all got our own problems.

5. She’s secretive: Maybe she’s had something to do with your ex or current man in the past before you met him and stays mum about it. Then she finally reveals when its too late or at the weirdest time.

Maybe she finds out your man did something that’ll hurt you and keeps quiet about it. Then when you find out, she says its cos she didn’t want you to take it out on her.

You might say this is logical but it really isn’t. Anybody who is your true friend would do things that is best for you regardless of how you would react or feel about it.

Being secretive about that isn’t wise, its simply silly. And anybody who keeps vital information like this from you isn’t one you really can trust. I mean, how many things might they really be hiding?

6. Ms Questionable motive: ever had as friend who behaves badly to you or hurts you, apologizes, does it again and after getting your forgiveness, repeats the whole cycle of messing up?

Ever had a friend who you told something confidential and then you hear it from your other friends later? Then she apologizes and oops! It happens again?

Ever wondered if this person is a friend or an enemy? This type of friend isn’t even a frenemy, this is an enemy. No friend of yours would do this to you.

You wonder why she’s still with you, pretending to be friends? She’s out to do something bad to you. Something you’d never get out off and something you should avoid by getting rid of the little bitch.

Yep, be rid of her fast!



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