The Greatest: Jay-Z Performs ‘Picasso Baby” For 6 Hours Straight In New York (VIDEO)

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Jay-Z continues to set himself apart from other rappers, doing things they can’t even attempt.

Jigga performed Picasso Baby, a track off his Magna Carta Holy Grail album for 6 straight hours at the New York Pace Gallery as part of the song’s video shoot.

The performance was unexpected and had a few notable people in the crowd that gathered including director Judd Apatow, “Girls” actor Adam Driver, performance artist Marina Abramovic and rapper Wale.

Jay’s six-hour performance immediately sparked a slew of viral videos and photos, because unlike at most video shoots, Jay-Z’s label reps allowed the audience to keep their mobile phones. The internet is full of amateur photos, clips and Vines from the event.

The crowd was reportedly intended as a “cross-section of the New York art and cultural world”, including important figures from the gallery and sales side of fine art. It’s a fitting concept for the song Picasso Baby, which includes lyrical shout-outs not just to Picasso, but also Mark Rothko, Jeff Koons, Francis Bacon, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol and the Mona Lisa.

In his recent Twitter Q&A, Jay-Z said he was planning to release “six pieces of art” to accompany his new album: this video, directed by Mark Romanek, is presumably the first.



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