The case of the scorned EX

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The case of the scorned ex boyfriend/girlfriend never really goes away. In every five break ups, there’s at least one broken relationship that has a bitter ex who can’t seem to move on.

Very recently, the one year marriage of award winning actress and producer Funke Akindele hit the rocks. It came as a shock to her fans but what was more shocking was the fact that her husband, Kehinde Almaroof was the one who supposedly broke the news via facebook in a very distasteful and ridiculous manner. Even though the status was deleted while he tried to convince everyone it wasn’t what it seemed, he had left everyone wondering what type of a man he really is.

The question everyone kept asking was, who goes to social media to talk about his wife like that?

While I’m not here to ponder on the happenings in the lives of Mr and Mrs Funke Akindele(Funke is the saner one, permit me to dash them both her surname), there’s always that one person who gets so angry at the turn of events in a relationship and lashes out like a bitter soul.

Break ups aren’t the easiest way to go through and personally if I had my way I’d design an app that’ll help me find a man that won’t ever break my heart but sometimes we find ourselves in that place.

Its hard, it hurts and it makes us feel the worst of emotions all at the same time.

How we handle it however is what shows if we are grown ups or kids.

When your relationship ends, the things you feel immediately are somewhat unpleasant and sometimes you get very angry at yourself for even ending up with the man/woman you ended up with in the first place. When you forgive yourself, most times the anger becomes directed at that man/woman who brought you there.

Now these emotions are normal as I have read, what isn’t normal is acting like a child, turning to social media to lament and call your ex names or telling all of your mutual friends what an asshole your ex is.

Yes you feel this way but no you do not have to act this way. If it becomes too overwhelming, visit a therapist. Because if you continue you are going to become pathetic that even your closest pals would inwardly roll their eyes and wish you’d just shut up.

If I’ve not proved to you why you should zip it about your ex, then hopefully these three points would;

1. If you go on and on and on about how stupid and annoying and pathetic your ex spouse is, very soon you would also begin to look stupid, annoying and pathetic. Yep. The transformation is very possible.

2. It is beneath you to keep looking for ways to talk dirty about this person. How about you dedicate that energy into actually getting over him or her?

3. It is unhealthy. You certainly would feel worse if you keep doing this. Find help, talk to someone who cares or a therapist.

Break ups hurt and you are going through a rough patch but hey, joy comes in the morning. You’d get there.



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