Tecno Takes West Africa by Storm, Launches Phantom Pad, 8.0” in Ghana by @jesseoguns

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Tecno Mobile, the rising star, doesn’t seem to want to stop its march as it expands its spread in the smartphone space. If The Western media [those based in the US and Europe] ever write about Tecno, they’re going to categorise it as one of those no name Android phone makers that are eating into the shares of Samsung.

Well, what you choose to call Tecno doesn’t matter anymore. You can choose to call them Chinko, China Made, Knock off or rip off. Whatever you call them, they are bent on dominating the market and giving users what they want.

Recently they launched the Tecno Phantom A, F7. As soon as they did that, I reckoned that I saw a Tablet in the wild running Android being christened as a Tecno Android Pad. Lo and behold, the tablet is not a rumour, but a real tablet.

Tecno Ghana has unveiled the latest addition to the line of phones and tablets with features made with the customer in mind. It is a one SIM enabled device launched this weekend in Ghana, West Africa.


The tablet was launched in partnership with MTN Ghana by the outgoing CEO of MTN Ghana, Michael Ikpoki. Tecno is known to partner with Telco is pushing the sales of it’s devices. This is one of the strategy they have been using for some time now to reach more user and gain an edge. In Nigeria, Tecno has sold its phones through, Etisalat and Airtel partneships, bundling some offers. We have also seen a partnership they did with Spinlet to ensure they enrich their customers by providing them digital music contents from Spinlet.

The Tecno Android Tablet named Phantom Pad is an end product with a unique blend of precision and beauty. Equipped with 4.2 Android Jelly Bean OS, a Quard Core 1.2 GHz CPU and it supports 2G and 3G networks, allowing users to make phone calls and surf the internet freely. I have observed met people here in Lagos who have asked me if Apple’s iPad can make phone calls. As soon as I tell them no, they switch to getting a Samsung Glalaxy Tablet or the Samsung GALAXY Note. Samsung isn’t the only one in this space anymore. Tecno is biting ever harder into this space.

It’s a portable device at 8.0”, XGA Touhscreen, 5.0 MP Back Camera, 2.0 Front Facing Camera—Dual cameras means that it can be used for video calls/Skype calls. It has a 16 GB RAM among other exciting features.

I haven’t picked any information about when the Tecno Phantoom Pad is launching to the Nigerian market. I have requested for one from Tecno. Still expecting a response from them. I will update you with a review and more information.

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  1. I think Tecno just seven years old is already giving other mobile manufacturers a tough time and winning the whole mobile market in Africa, but I will not be able to understand this mystery of the phantom pad. I was told that it has an 8 inches touch screen, but when I pulled it out of the pack, the whole thing is just about 8 inches. The screen itself it just about 6.5 inches. Did I buy the wrong Tecno? I need someone to educate me.

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