Signs that you have seriously been friendzoned

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Its all over the internet, social media and everyone won’t stop talking about it. Friend zone is a guy’s nightmare and no guy wants to end up in that scary zone with a woman he’s very much into.

The only thing worse than landing in the friend zone however, is landing there when you didn’t see it coming.

The signs are pretty obvious though but just in case her love has blinded your sight, these are the signs that you are on your way to the dreaded friend zone or worse that you are already there.

1. She tries to hook you up- a woman who wants a man will not try to hook him up with other women. An average woman is naturally jealous to see what is hers or should be hers go off to someone else. So when she constantly tries to hook you up with other women, forget it, she’s friend zoning you.

2. She prefers when you hangout in the company of others- anytime you suggest that you both hangout, she calls other friends to come join you just so she’s not alone with you.

If a woman is into you, she would like alone moments. You know just to have that special time with you. But when she constantly asks the whole crew to hangout with you both? Forget it. Friendzone is calling.

3. She tries to find excuses- when you try to finally get her alone she takes her time to respond. And when she finally does she says “er…uhm…friday night? Er…that’s a long time…I’d get back to you”. When a woman wants to see you, she doesn’t need to think about it before she says yes. She’d look forward to the next time and would have been praying silently that you ask before you do such that when you ask, her answer is a quick yes. If it takes time or she asks to call you regarding it and she never even calls? Dude you are getting friendzoned.

4. She laughs at your compliments- and looks away, then quickly begins a conversation to steer the conversation in another direction. And you sit there thinking she’s probably just shy? When a woman likes you and wants to be with you, when she hears a compliment, no matter how shy she might be, she’d want that moment to linger. You know, there’d be the eye holding moment, the pause and all that romantic movie things going on.

But when she doesn’t care less, she’d just wave it aside,laugh and discuss something random. Like the weather or something.

5. Talks about other guys- if she has turned you to one of her girlfriends by running to you with her man issues? Don’t even think it, she’s totally friendzoned you.



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