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When a young man comes of age, he is quick to correct anybody who cares to listen that he is a man and not a boy. He expects to be respected, to be seen as a man and to be in charge of everything around him.

As much as we are not disputing that puberty and physical changes is part of growing old, we need to put in mind that the things that make you grow up are the most important.

Let’s quickly go through the things boys do and if continued would never make them men.

1. Buying what you don’t need: You buy the newest game, newest trend, expensive alcohol and clothes. You shop every other time and you tell yourself it is your money who cares?

Yeah, nobody really cares that you are being stupid and refusing to see that investing makes more sense than impulsive spending.

2. You do nasty: nah, not nasty like nasty cool but nasty like nasty dirty. If you pick your nose in public, rub it off on your jeans or whatever is in sight, fart every time you hangout with a lady and tell her after laughing that you are just being natural with her then dude, get a growing up class.

That’s not being natural and open, that’s lacking manners. Ask your mom.

3. You don’t have a goal: I mean asides from social media and hanging with the guys, there is nothing else you want to do. And whenever you are asked you launch into a long story of all of your ideas, dreams and aspirations, the same you’ve been carrying about for years and haven’t done anything about.

There’s just one truth I have for you bro, you have a lot of growing up to do.

4. You blame everybody but you: for all of your wrong choices or failure, there’s always someone to blame. Someone responsible for the wrong choices you made and someone who you hate for it. There’s never a time when you actually look at the man in the mirror and try to tell him to make a change.

It’s always someone else getting the blame. Grow up mister.



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