Sexy Grinding: Beverly And Angelo Have A Lap Dance #BBATheChase

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When two people who love each other spend too much time together, they at times need something like a romantic dance to spice up their relationship.

The Ruby house couple Angelo and Beverly made use of the early evening quiet and spent some much needed alone time in the garden. Actually majority of the housemates took early evening naps following a hectic afternoon in the Arena. South Africa’s Angelo, who is a dance teacher outside the Big Brother house chose to dance for his young sexy lover.

While she sat back in a chair, her man began moving his torso in a slow seductive manner. Beverly seemed to be enjoying every minute of her man’s sexy performance. After doing some things that would make your grandmother blush, to a pole next to Beverly, Angelo then inched in on his prey. The South African Chasemate then took his position on top of Beverly and started grinding suggestively.



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