Segun Adekoye Writes: 5 Reasons Iyanya would die for Yvonne Nelson

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Iyanya disclosed at a recent interview with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu on ‘Rubbin Minds’, that he’ll dine with Genevieve, Die for Yvonne Nelson and Dust off Tonto during his chat with the host.


I would not bore you Tonto Dikeh’s verdict. You may be wondering what dust off means. It could mean that ‘beat the heck out of’ or shake off something that’s a pest but it definitely doesn’t sound like a positive word.

As for Genevieve, who wouldn’t want to dine with the queen. She’s classical and absolutely gorgeous!

The main course is the fact that he said ‘i’ll die for Yvonne Nelson’ and you may also be wondering what must be the inspiration behind such utterances. Here’s my take on the matter. Five reasons Iyanya would die for Yvonne Nelson.

1. Yvonne Nelson is a sincere babe

Yvonne Nelson is a down-to-earth lady. If you had the chance of meeting her in person or if you watched her interview on Ndani TV’s juice you’d realize she’s a real person and very sincere at that. Her laughter is deep and genuine. She  speaks her mind without fear. When sincere people give their heart, they give themselves wholeheartedly almost to the point that it begins to affect them. Iyanya got a share of this sincerity and didn’t make the best of it but he recognizes it.


2. That Tattoo on Iyanya’s hand

The tattoo on Iyanya’s wrist means a lot. Women are the ones who would fall head over heels in love and inscribe their man’s name everywhere they can. For men, we are more conservative lovers, often cautious not really trusting women wholeheartedly with our heart. Yvonne meant a lot to Iyanya and that’s why he has her tattoo on his wrist to always stare him in the face and remind him of his love for her. If he had put it on his back, he would have forgotten about the tattoo several times.

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3. Yvonne Nelson is to die for

Abi na. Yvonne Nelson isn’t just any babe.  She is a model. She is sexy and pretty. She doesn’t rant all over Twitter as some other celebs do. She chooses her words. She does a lot of bikini pictures but those are insufficient to say she likes to show herself nude. She has legs that don’t end and they shine like ivory, everytime and she flaunts them in ways that make people stare without blinking. The precis of this is that, Yvonne is fashionable and classy. Forget all the Linda Ikeji gists about her dating Dammy Krane or Ice Prince, they are not true.


4. Yvonne loves Iyanya

There’s something about Iyanya that makes him likable #nohomo. The Kukere crooner also recognizes the fact that he won Yvonne’s heart. She loves him and he knows it. Iyanya also recognized the fact that they didn’t split on very good terms. You know it’s better to part ways based on health issues or other issues that don’t border on infidelity. One party always feels guilty. Wanting to seek ways to make restitution. Iyanya probably feels the only way he can prove beyond reasonable doubt to Yvonne Nelson that he sincerely and deeply loves her is by saying he can ‘take a bullet’ for her.

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5. Iyanya maybe planning a comeback

Iyanya is a performer, like Tonto Dikeh. They sometimes say things they don’t mean all for the sake of entertainment. Doesn’t mean they mean harm [Tonto’s own is too much]. When Iyanya freestyled at Tim Westwood TV and he said all he wanted was the waist, we knew he was kidding. The reasons for the separation of the lovebirds are not irreconcilable. Yvonne should understand that dating an A-list celebrity come with its risks. That includes cheating. It is easy for you to be swarmed up by women when you are a celeb like Iyanya. Sometimes you get sexually harassed. The body may be divided on several beds, the heart only rests in the hands of one person. Iyanya may stage a comeback when he takes a break off the tours and performances and all. And that statement sounds like a signal.

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But hey this may just be my own fantasy. I love them both. Iyanya should use a bullet-proof vest whenever he chooses to perform the stunt. #salut.

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  1. Let me star with u mr segun thank 4 this article why be/cos i luv yvonne .wish her all D best in life ,in which their will be nomore sorrow nomore tears.

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