Rihanna is planning to take legal action on Chris Brown

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Sandra Rose gathers that Rihanna is considering taking out a restraining order if her former lover Chris Brown doesn’t stop dropping her name in interviews.

The report reveals that although Chris and Rihanna have severed communication with each other since they broke up in May, Chris has remained undeterred in using Rihanna’s name to promote his upcoming album.

Brown had tweeted that he and Rihanna were collaborating on a new track called “Put It Up”. But Rihanna lashed out with a subliminal tweet on Twitter.com: “B*tch you will die, be born again, die again and be born again before I do a song with you b*tch,” she wrote.

Brown however remains unruffled as he continues to promote the track — even though it may not appear on his album and it is really getting to Rihanna.

Rihanna is reportedly so stressed out by Brown’s disrespect that she shows up hours late for her concerts. The “Pour It Up” singer showed up 3 hours late for her concert Wednesday night in Monte Carlo, Monaco, leaving fans who had paid at least $782 fuming.

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  1. Forget Chris Brown. He belongs to the past and his nonsense should stay there.
    “No one who looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.” Luke: 9:62.
    Rihanna, please don’t look back.

    1. Chris going to Gail he going to be Mr. Dick bitch, Chris don’t smoke weed because you look like someone smoking crack leave the weed for the island boys. Rihanna pussy so good Chris keep calling her name, and all u batty boys who love Chris kiss my ass foc– Chris and all u shit kissers lol

    2. Dove by that comment neither are you fit for the KINGDOM OF GOD that’s not your business why are you worried about it 90% of the judgemental people in the world is not fit for the KINGDOM OF GOD so tell that to the one in mirror!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I agree w Rihanna all the way. CB shouldnt be spouting off at the mouth like he does so often esp.concerning Rihanna.. First, it was a no go, having there duet on his upcoming album then when he was offered mass amount more money( if it was on his new album) his mind changed like THAT! Hes all about himself and who he thinks he can control. Well, wont work here CB… Rihanna isnt a bowl of MUSH like your lame Karreuche Tran.so called want a be grlfriend,once again. What a joke you are . Face reality CB Rihanna is way above and beyond you and your adolesant behavior and immature ways.. You dont deserve anything from her. Shes given you way too many chances to prove yourself and, you sure did that. Your so phoney in all your so called good deeds for the children in need, and etc. Grow up!!!

  3. PR machinery 4 dis boi has been amazingly odd, delib misleading & terribly unclear. Initially it cdve been assumed dat all was well btwn 2 icons (& they were still together). This piece (if it’s true) indicates otherwise. If this is part of the sell, then public has been fooled. However, let it be known da public has bcm impatient & intolerant of the phuccry. One hopes that this is all just part of the sell. Bc in all sincerity, if it’s true then da ppl around dat boi need to be on watch; there’s only so much a man can take.

  4. This is stupid. Rihanna shows up late to concerts cause she’s upset over CB talking about her and this song in interviews? No, she’s late because she’s a druggy (there’s proof & pics) and just another big headed celeb with an ego. You don’t even know what you’re talking about. Sandra Rose gathers….what does that mean? That she thinks something without knowing? Rihanna’s victim card has come and gone. Hold her responsible for being late and any of the other bs she gets away with just because she was hit almost 4 years ago. And the details of that are a bit sketchy. Screw her.

  5. this is the biggest load of shit ive read in a long time!! ur actually now blaming chris for rihanna showin up late to gigs!!! wow thats another all time low!! she shows up late cos she thinks she is the best thing since sliced bread and she thinks everyone loves her so it makes it ok! shes lettin her fans down that have paid well over £50 to go see her! its not chris’ fault its her own drugged up self!!! and chris hasnt been namin her in EVERY interview! and he wouldnt have to if all the interviewers stopped askin him about her!!!! and hes only mentioned that duet twice! first time when they were together and the second on twitter last week!!!!

  6. lol this story is ridiculous. both of them need to just move on and wish each other well in the process. both make great music.

  7. Putting a restraining order on Chris Brown cause he keep talking you on his X album? Rihanna is just a jealous, drugged up, trashy ass bitch. The things that she is doing is pissing me off. What does Chris have to do with Rihanna being late to concerts? If she wasn’t smoking weed all the time maybe she be on time. Chris does not want her and Rihanna knows it. Thats why she making dumb ass excuses…

  8. I like the fact that last year this chick made everyone in the world stand still with her Oprah interview claiming that CB was the “love” of her life WHEN HER ALBUM WAS BEING RELEASED!!!…She didnt have a problem with him using her name in his interviews then…She didnt mind flaunting and stunting for cameras when she had something to prove that she could get what ever she wanted…Now lets see all of a sudden because he isnt doing what she wants she wants to threaten to ruin the mans life more than she already has!!!…You ppl that support her need to see her for what she really is….She reminds me of a “black widow”…She is full of all sorts of deception…CB’s album is/was supposed to be dropping on 7/16 all of a sudden because of this song his album is being held up!!….RIHANNA NEEDS MORE THAN GOD!!…HOPE CB AND HIS FANS SEE WHO WAS AND IS STILL THERE IN AND OUT OF HIS TROUBLES!!…She thinks doing this will have him begging for her to take him back…..chuppppppzzzz gal bounce along…She late to her shows because she living it up on her yacht in Moraco…STOP USE THIS MAN AS A SCAPE GOAT FOR YOUR DOWN FALLS AND GROW UP!!

  9. do you know waaaaat CB IS just a basic bitch hes not even a man
    hes a pathetic dumb boy
    I know that Rihanna can do better and move on shes so blessed with a billion things such as her voice, fans family, friends so much people are supportive of her
    CB is so ugly someone needs to slap that BITCH hard
    the past is the past BUT CHRIS i dont even thinks hes changed playing rihanna she is one of the most caring lovely girl in the world he going and betrays by going and playing with these other bitches
    You HATERS Are pathetic you dont even know RRihannaF
    all you can do is just lay back and hate on her behind a computer like i said PATHETIC

  10. She got fame now she trying to prove she is not worth it i think she would feel better just being girl next door with a simple Plummer guy

  11. It seems like she is on something lately those naked photoes trashy relationship and too much alcohol. I think she needs a break from working just clear her head may be take 6 month break just to be with supportive people

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