Reasons even the best relationships crash

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When your relationship has lots of problems or when your partner gives you more headache than love, you aren’t exactly shocked when it breaks.

But when it seems all is well in paradise but suddenly the relationship blows up in your face, then maybe some of the things listed below might be the problem.

1. Lack of communication- there is no underestimating the place of communication in a relationship. A whole lot of problems can be evaded if there’s constant communication in a relationship and by communication I don’t mean conversations limited to the phone alone. I mean sitting down face to face and trashing out whatever needs to be trashed out.

When communication ceases to exist, then no matter how fantastic your relationship seems to be, its only a matter of time before it all expires.

2. Physical intimacy alone- being in love is way beyond the physical and being in a relationship needs more than intense lovemaking and chemistry.

While that can’t be ignored, you need to be more than physically involved with your partner. You need to be mentally, emotionally and deeply involved with your partner.

Be there for them emotionally and cater to their emotional needs as much as you would their physical needs.

Once this isn’t there or isn’t as much as the physical catering, that relationship is ending pretty much soon.

3. It becomes mundane- at the initial stage, it is all honeymoon-ish and you both could stay indoor all week long but these days all you do is repeat the same old routine of even having fun.

If you realise you are with this person more as a routine or chore and there’s no effort whatsoever to make things get back on track or better, then it is going to crack really soon.

4. Not on the same page- people do change and we all become to see life differently at some stages in life, so sometimes in a relationship, a couple might begin to share different beliefs, ideas and principles about things that initially brought them together.

If this happens, there’s likely going to be problems. The only way a break can be avoided is when there is honest/open communication.

5. No compromise- we aren’t the same people. And in relationships(even friendship) a lot of compromise is made. Each partner has to let go of some things so there can be a blissful relationship. But when one party isn’t willing to compromise for the other party anymore, wahala go dey.

6. The real him/her emerges- at the beginning, its all fairytale or IGG(initial gra gra) like we’d call it and both of you are extremely in love.

But when that phase passes, there’s the real person emerging and sometimes, that person is extremely different from what you thought. This can cause the relationship to go downhill.

7. Criticism- Once upon a time, he/she could do no wrong. Now all that’s happening is either one of you constantly criticising the other party.

This never works. Nobody wants to constantly get rebuked. Even as kids we hated it and that’s why we always tried to do things that wouldn’t make mommy go off on us.

If all you/your partner does is tear each other apart by launching into several issues the other party has every other time, you are killing that relationship.

How about you sit down and communicate? Which takes us back to the first point, communication. It can never be overstretched.



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