Real Madrid Replaces Manchester United As World’s Most Valuable Sports Team (View Top 50)

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According to the most recent reports by financial analysts Forbes, Spanish giants Real Madrid have replaced English Premiership champions Manchester United as the world’s most valuable sports outfit.

The La Liga outfit is now worth $3.3 billion, surpassing former No. 1 Manchester United. Los Blancos have the highest revenues of any team in sports ($650 million during the 2011-12 season), and revenues are up 62% over the last three years.

The club extended its kit supply deal with Adidas last year in a pact worth $42 million a year. Madrid inked its largest sponsorship deal ever this spring with Emirates. The deal to put the Dubai-based airline’s name on the team’s shirts is worth $39 million annually for five years starting next season.

Madrid is planning a $320 million renovation to its stadium, Santiago Bernabeu, which could add $60 million a year to revenues by 2018.

United ranks second with a value of $3.17 billion. The club launched an initial offering to the public in August and the stock is up 23% since then. Fans cheered United’s record 20th English Premier League title this year, while investors are excited about soaring sponsorship revenues.

The Red Devils signed a seven-year, $559 million shirt sponsorship deal last year with Chevrolet. The team inked a naming rights pact for its training facility with insurer Aon in April. The deal is expected to net United more than $200 million over eight years. The club has 32 official sponsors in total.

Barcelona completes a sweep of the top three by European soccer clubs. The reigning La Liga champs are worth $2.6 billion on the strength of $613 million in annual revenue. Barca used part of its cash stockpile this spring to nab Brazilian sensation Neymar for a transfer fee of $74 million.

The 21-year-old signed a five-year deal with the team. Barcelona has the biggest social media following of any sports team with 61 million Facebook fans and Twitter followers. It is more than the 30 richest NFL teams combined.

1. Real Madrid

2. Manchester United.

3. FC Barcelona

4. New York Yankees.

5. Dallas Cowboys.

6. New England Patriots.

7. Los Angeles Dodgers.

8. Washington Redskins.

9. New York Giants

10. Arsenal.

11. Boston Red Sox

12. Bayern Munich.

13. Houston Texans

14. New York Jets.

15. Philadelphia Eagles.

16. Chicago Bears.

17. San Francisco 49ers.

18. Green Bay Packers.

19. Baltimore Ravens.

20. Indianapolis Colts

21. Ferrari.

22. Denver Broncos

23. New York Knicks.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers

25. Miami Dolphins

26. Carolina Panthers.

27. Seattle Seahawks.

28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

29. Tennessee Titans

30. Kansas City Chiefs

31. Chicago Cubs

32. Los Angeles Lakers.

33. Toronto Maple Leafs.

34. Cleveland Browns

35. Minnesota Vikings

36. New Orleans Saints.

37. AC Milan.

38. San Diego Chargers

39. Arizona Cardinals.

40. Chelsea.

41. Philadelphia Phillies.

42. Cincinnati Bengals.

43. Detroit Lions.

44. Atlanta Falcons.

45. New York Mets

46. Buffalo Bills

47. Chicago Bulls

48. McLaren

49. San Francisco Giants

50. Oakland Raiders.




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