Photos: Students Protest In Lagos Over ASUU/ASUP Strike

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A part of the Ikorodu Road, Lagos was at standstill as students under the aegis of Nigerian Education Rights Coalition and Coalition Against Commercialization of Education in Nigeria today embarked on street protests.

The protest, which were peaceful in nature, were against the Nigerian government’s insensitivity to ongoing strike by university and polytechnic teachers. The protest began with a handful of people but grew later.

Policemen wer seen trying to break up the protest, however the students remained undeterred and remained peaceful while they firmly protested. Here are photos from the protest.

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Image Credits: Kemi Filani

Segun Adekoye

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  1. what I think is that this strike has done more harm than good. if they say the strike is for our good, than this world is really turning into something else.

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