Nigeria’s Information Ministry restores National Web Portal after attacks by Gay rights activists

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The Federal Ministry of Information has fought off the attack on Nigeria’s National Portal last night by a group of gay rights activists.

The Federal Ministry of Information is taking additional measures to stem future attacks by hackers whose criminal activities are on the increase globally in recent times.

The attackers were traced to the same group that recently attacked several countries’ government websites across the world claiming to be fighting for gay rights.

The attacks are a criminal attempt to blackmail countries which have resisted pressures by homosexuals to legalize gay marriages as is practiced in some countries to do same.

While we recognize that Nigeria is a full-fledged democracy with robust guarantee of freedom of opinion by all citizens, it is criminal for anyone within or outside our country to use criminal means to express or canvass such opinions!  The Fed Ministry of Information will liaise with security agencies to investigate last night’s attack.

Nigeria is a highly cultured and religious society whose people remain overwhelmingly opposed to the imposition of gay rights and gay marriages as practised in some countries.

Those seeking to impose gay rights from abroad are advised to stick to legal and constitutional means of expressing their opinions as government will not condone criminal violations of our laws by any group in the guise of promoting gay rights in the country.

Security checks have been stepped up on the National Portal to block all the loopholes exploited to launch last night’s attack.


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