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With the number of users continuing to grow, Africa’s premier digital music distribution service SPINLET, announces it will begin its next phase with revenue sharing with its artistes.

Spinlet is the premier mobile music download service bringing digital media distribution to emerging markets in Africa. Spinlet has headquarters in San Francisco and offices in Lagos, Nigeria and Tampere, Finland.

Recently, Spinlet announced that its mobile music distribution service has reached a record number of 500,000 registered users. This groundbreaking milestone moves Spinlet in to the next phase of its digital service. Since its founding, Spinlet has been a free service to music lovers, but with its tremendous growth among registered users and popular use among artistes to increase their music’s exposure to new audiences, it will now be available for a nominal paid subscription.

Artistes who have made Spinlet their platform of choice to share their music will benefit from this new stage because with the paid subscriber service, comes revenue sharing for artistes.

“The past two years at Spinlet have been dedicated to bringing new users to the service – ensuring there would be enough fans for everyone involved to benefit. That’s why we made it free,” said Neil Schwartzman, CEO for Spinlet. “Now it is time for our talented artistes to benefit financially from their commitment to their music. We appreciate their patience during the first stage of our company, and are thankful for them.”

Spinlet helps artistes capture revenue streams that often get lost to the piracy market. The service also provides to its partnering musicians valuable resources such as monthly information reports showing the artistes where in the world their music is being streamed and/or downloaded, how many times each song or album is streamed and/or downloaded and the dates their music is streamed and/or downloaded. Spinlet also offers social networking metrics, and publicity and promotional opportunities to its artistes.

Now, with the introduction of shared revenue, payments to Spinlet artistes will be made on a quarterly basis when individual sales accumulate a minimum of USD$100. With all of these assets offered by Spinlet, artistes have been extremely happy with the service.

“Spinlet has helped me reach an audience that never would have been available to me. Making music is what I love, and being able to share it with all of Africa and beyond is something I never would have thought possible,” said Dammy Krane. “Now that I have developed an audience, I am looking forward to what the future holds.”

Spinlet was founded in 2006 is a company focused on meeting the needs of music lovers allowing them to listen, share, and manage music within a user-friendly mobile platform. To learn more about Spinlet, visit




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