Morgan Entertainment Spokesperson Responds To Allegations Against The Company

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Morgan Entertainment CEO’s will soon send a signal to Nigerian Union of Journalist about the recent false allegation against the Company. According to the CEO’s Spokesman stated that Nigeria is a civilized nation and should not be mislead by Desmond Ike from Yes Magazine and Mymag carrying a fabricated news to extort money from the Company.

The Morgan Entertainment spokesman William Far commented that this allegation is heavy and they will not condone it. Mr. Far said that the CEO’S will soon make an official statement about the false allegation. However, they will have a meeting with the Nigerian Union of Journalist before taking a legal action. William Far said that Nigerian Entertainment Industry is growing to compete with United States {Hollywood} and we should not allow someone like Desmond Ike to discourage other foreign entertainment companies that may want to invest in Nigeria.

The Nigerian youths are working very hard and I believe all they need is just support to move up to their dream and that‘s what Morgan Entertainment stand for.



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