Money Don Complete: OJB Jezreel Asks People To Stop Donating

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Veteran producer OJB Jezreel has been able to gather all the money needed for his kidney surgery, and has asked people not to donate to anyone who claimed they were soliciting funds for him.

In a press conference that held yesterday, OJB said:

“Appreciate all those who stood by me one way or the other. I’m sincerely grateful and feel blessed that people could go miles just to make me well again. Now that I have gotten all the money needed for my medical bill, I want to officially put a stop to all forms of appeal or request in bid to save OJB. I want Nigerians to know that I have gotten the N16million needed for my treatment. Therefore, no donation should again be made to any source in respect of the said case. I will be going for my operation by mid August”.

We wish him the very best.



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