Mischievous Stunts We Pulled As Kids: State Yours!

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Have you ever looked back in time at your childhood memories and you were like….

What the hell was I thinking…..

This mischief isn’t only about me anyway, although I know I used to sneak to lick morgan hair cream when I was young…gross!! Yeah, I know..hehe.

But like I said, what was I thinking?!!!!

Well, it’s about my brother and I, well mainly about him, actually. I told him I would post this someday and he promised me some ass whooping.

I’m just gonna do it anyway. What’s the worst that can happen….

I had a friend who was a guy in primary school at that time that I sortakinda liked and since his older brother was a friend of my older brother, it was only convenient to call them family friends.

Here’s the gist. At a time in our lives, we’ve always imagined ourselves as those superheros or super villians that we saw on TV. The danger of those things on TV, thank God for the pre-warning these days that goes thus “Kids, please do not try this at home”

Imagine me, wrestling with my brothers back in the days…kai!!#coversface#

And so, there was this double bunk in our room meant for the boys, though they hardly used it, while the large bed was on the floor. The ceiling above us had a rolling fan and as kids, I wonder why we didn’t see that when we decided to pull our “Man of Steel” stunt. Sigh.

So, myself, my brother and my family friend aka primary school classmate climbed this double bunk and stood tall, planning to practise our flying skills with maybe some form of cape. My brother being the leader and the two of us being the follower watched him bounce of the bunk, Up into the air and phewwwwwww…right unto the big bed down below.

It looked awesome.

We decided to join in.I did same as my brother and I was glad to have flown and landed on the bed down below.

The Wahala came when my family friend jumped and………………..

Bummmer!!!! We all know what happened right?

The fan slashed his forehead and down he fell with his head bleeding….

Absolute panic!!!! We didn’t know what to do and then my brother due to his childish mind, ran into the bathroom with the boy and tried washing it away with water, hoping that should do.

And then he sent him home with the fear of my disciplinarian parents coming to find the mischief we had pulled which resulted to our friend being injured.

In a child’s school of thought, of course it wasn’t our fault, but would our parents have heard any of that? The question was, What were we doing flying from the bunk in the first place? ten ten or suwe?

Alas, my mum returned to the house and guess who came back to our house after she arrived? The boy and part of his family…to show forth what we had done to their child.

No, I wasn’t beaten just so you know…., lol. I was just a follower too. But the leader aka my brother got the beating of his life.

Never again did we pull that kind of stunt, but I really did feel for my friend.

Anyway, I’m sure more mischief came up after that…kids, do they ever learn? Rhetorical silence!!!

What was yours? State your most mischievous stunt or act below. 🙂

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