Love Gone Sour?: Angelo And Beverly Give Each Other Space #BBATheChase

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It seems the newest couple in town have had enough of the ‘orientation’ and decided that taking it slow and giving each other space was the way to go.

This is what Ruby love (lust) birds Angelo and Beverly decided to do because they feel it would in a way help in the growth of their young relationship.

There was no space in this kiss though
There was no space in this kiss though

“Me and Angelo are giving each other space. During our first time in the Rendezvous room, we were on each others throats but the second time we discussed basic things about our lives and that’s good,” Beverly shared in the Diary room yesterday.

Angelo also shared the same sentiments and said that he was eager to know Beverly better and doesn’t want her to think that he’s with her because he just wants to sleep with her.

Hmmmm.. Lets see how much space they can give eachother…



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