Level Pass Level: Brad Pitt Gifts Angelina Jolie a Private Jet | Couple Hit Japan

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie landed in Japan, Sunday after taking a break from filming to have a little fun with their children Pax, 9, and 5-year old twins Knox and Vivienne on World War Z promotion.

The couple landed in the Haneda Internation Airport Japan on a private jet that Brad reportedly bought for his wife-to-be, Angelina. According to Heat magazine, the 49-year-old actor bought the aircraft for his fiance, who has held a pilot’s license since 2004, so that the couple could see each other more often, while they film movies on opposite sides of the world.

Brad is in London shooting World War II drama Fury, as Jolie directs her own war flick called Unbroken in Hawaii.




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