Kim Kardashian Having A Hard Time Adjusting To Motherhood

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Reality TV star Kim Kardashian isn’t enjoying the best of transitions into motherhood, and has fears she might not become a good one, Film-news reports.

The socialite gave birth to her first child, a little girl called North, with her rapper boyfriend Kanye West last month.

While the couple have kept a relatively low profile since welcoming their baby, it’s now being reported Kim is worried about motherhood.

“She’s got a sore back from labour, her feet are still swollen from the pregnancy, she can’t walk properly, she’s been in tears after struggling to breastfeed and she’s not sleeping,” a source explained to British magazine Closer.

“She dotes on baby North and loves spending time with her, but she’s begged sister Kourtney for help, saying she worries about if she can cope as a mom.”

Kim went into labour last month, five weeks earlier than expected.

The surprise birth apparently meant she wasn’t as prepared when her little one arrived.

“Kim was still interviewing nannies before she went into labour five weeks early, so they rushed into hiring a night nurse,” the insider said.

“But Kanye seems to think no one is good enough.”

Last month it was reported Kanye had proposed to the reality TV star after giving her a £500,000 ring as a ‘push present’.

However, Kim is in no hurry to walk down the aisle.

“They’re not getting married in September in Paris as rumoured,” the source finished.

“Kim is still too weak from the birth – although she’s getting better every day. She wants to get back into shape, but she’s comfort eating fried food and she won’t be back in the gym for a while.”




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  1. She think say na beans before, when she was sucking and deeping who did she complain too.
    If she can’t cope, let her give the child to social welfare already and spare us another hungry stunt for publicity.

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