Is this really a photo of Senator Yerima and his child bride?

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Help me solve my ignorance, I must have been too deep designing websites and doing other stuff that I am almost unaware of the latest happenings in Nigeria, my country. I have been following the whole underage marriage saga very keenly but popular American blogger, Sandra Rose seems to know better than I do, about my country.

She posted a photo of this couple and said Senator Yerima was the one in the photo with his child bride. Did the senator look like this several years ago?

After her sister died, Tino Borantu was married off to her sister?s husband when she was 9 years old. Still she does not clearly understand what her role is as a wife, inheriting her older sister?s husband and child. But obviously she cooks for the family, looks after the small baby and lives in same house with the man who is older than her by over 26 years.  Tino is from a society where is common for girls, irrespective of their age, to be forced to inherit the marriage and children of their dead sisters. This kind of phenomenon fuels HIV & AIDS epidemics, and raises maternal mortality and morbidity. This is one of the challenges CARE Ethiopia is trying to address with one of its development projects called Healthy Unions which started in November 2007.

In a report she captions “New Nigeria Law Says Men Can Marry Baby Girls” she writes:

The last few years have tested the longstanding history of traditional marriage. Homosexuals are winning the right to marry in some parts of the world, and a new amendment to Nigeria’s Constitution states that grown men can marry underage girls, even infants.

Pictured above is Nigerian Senator Yerima posing with his child bride, left, and holding his baby bride.


The way stories are interpreted out of Africa is amazing.

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  1. Just checked out the whole post on Sandra Rose’s website and felt sick to my stomach. Not just because of how skewered the story and statistics are, but cos we as a country have just given the world another reason to continue to look down on us (as if the boko haram menace and standstill of tertiary education isn’t enough); u just have to take a look @ some of the comments to understand what I mean. pls post my comment o segun, 360nobs admin or who ever moderates this.

  2. this is rubbish, how do we allow this animal to sit in our house and give out our children up for marriage without the child consent, imagine what an ado is happening in nigeria (who is the child who is the mother). We should all gather and denounce this animal behavior been committed in our house. and pls remember not to vote those animal back into the house.

  3. Talking bout child marraige! As awoman and mother I absolutely say no to unconcented marraige not to mention a girl in her early teens or less but somehow I think I if she consents thete is nothing wtong at least it saves us the ill of having undrage girls roaming the streets pregnant with no husband n having been exposed to sex ha
    Ve it with every tom, dick n harry lustful of her young body only to b dumpped afterwards even by men old enoigh to b her great grand father or a spiritual leader whom she respects n obeys-what will such a person be teaching her? Why is is dat people r sohypocritic evev knowing what is happening? At least being married is better than jumping from one man to the other my quick question here is: why is it thzt the issue of pheadophile priests hav not stired emotions like underage marraige? These same people claiming to pass laws to stop child marraige know well how some in their category will stop @ nothing to get such girls only to hav sex and give them huge gifts. I don’t think there’s anything wrong in allowng people ptactice their religion-it doesn’t matter which aspect of the religion he chooses to practice right IT IS A RIGHT!!! If the girl n her parents were not forced into accepting then I think we should all face other issues bothering our pla net because we have people who are being accused of rape of minors yet siting BEING INVITED TO GIVE SPEECHES IN TH UN!!! This is an outright attack on islam to rubbish it n have our society rotten like the united states wwhere a man have sex with his daughter n wife at the same time while d girl might b matured or underage.enough of this

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