Hygienic tips men should actually borrow from women

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Men aren’t exactly the type that stay in front of a mirror while they make sure they are looking impeccable before they jet out for the day.

They aren’t exactly the type to spend minutes or hours at the spa or salon just to look gorgeous. They believe there isn’t need for them to dedicate a second to looking impeccable. And because of this reason, some men overlook the necessary hygienic things they should do.

I’m certain no woman wants a dirty man and this is because you both would get intimate and she doesn’t want to feel nauseous anytime you try to kiss her.

Gentlemen, here are the health tips you should borrow from women and actually get used to.

1. Get rid of the crusty lips. This looks ridiculous whenever I see it on men. What is the excuse for rocking a dry, scaly lip? Lip chaps work very well for this. And the good thing about it is that it doesn’t have that gloss or shine that lipsticks or lip gloss carry. So you don’t have to worry about looking a bit funny.

2. Cut your nails. I’m not even a fan of very long nails on women but then women are allowed to wear them. That’s because women take care of them and keep them. Men however look funny with long nails especially if they have dirt inside of them. And I heard recently that some of these men insist on fingering their women. Let’s just not discuss the trauma these women go through.

3. The hair. No I’m not a fan of locks, braids and weaves on a man’s head but for those who do it, how about you borrow a tip or two from a woman? Women would hardly rock a hair till every strand of their hair stands out and the hair looks awful. So as a man, if you want to borrow a tip from a woman’s book by making your hair,  how about you make that tip two and actually clean the hair, your scalp and make sure you never carry hair for too long.

4. Way too much cologne. Female fragrances are naturally mild. But male fragrances are usually the opposite. That simply means, if you use a male fragrance you don’t need to spray so much before you actually have a scent. When you spray so much and everyone around you begins to feel woozy or begin to feel irritated then that’s a bit too much.

Mild is the way please. When sweat mixes with too much cologne, do you know what happens?



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