How to know she’s crazy

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If you are already in a relationship with someone who exhibits all of these signs, then you would have to find a way around it.

But if you are not in a relationship yet but you are getting to know each other and hoping to make it work and she exhibits these signs, you might want to re evaluate.

If she always runs to your phone to check who is calling or texting or even goes behind your back to see when you’ve not given her any reason to doubt, then something is wrong. Nobody should be that insecure.

If she’s telling you to ditch some of your friends because of no reasonable reason in particular, then something is certainly going on with her. Find out what it is.

If she gives you a deadline for phone calls and text message replies, then something is really wrong. A sane woman knows sometimes a man is held up and can’t reply, she knows that its normal.

But when a woman gives you a deadline and even concludes that you’re with another woman every other time you can’t respond to her calls, maybe something is wrong.

If she suddenly shows up at your work everytime without prior notice, it has become more of trying to catch you at something than actually coming to check up on you.

If she suddenly calls you up and tells you to come help her fix something at home because you’re the only one who can find your way around it and then you get there only for her to say she was just joking and wanted to see you, she’s defo acting crazy bro.



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