How To Have A Healthy Relationship by @Ms_Dharmilorlla

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Sometimes relationships can seem like a lot of work. A healthy relationship is absolutely within your reach if you and your partner are willing to do a bit of work. Here’s how to start nurturing your bond!

1) Take responsibility of your own happiness: save yourself several hours of arguing by remembering the one rule”it is not up to anyone to make you happy.

2) Show your affection in whatever way you can: there’s a difference between knowing that you are loves and feeling that you are loved. Sometimes,we bank on the fact that our partners should know that we love them even when we don’t show it.

3) Admit your mistakes: if you know you’ve hurt your partners intentionally or not, own up to it. Humble yourself and apologise sincerely,without making excuses or justifications.

4) Give your partner space: Everyone needs their own privacy and some freedom, so don’t constantly watch everything he/she does. We all hate being watched, stifled and controlled. Do not spy on him/her reading his/her phone stalking or following around..if he/she is cheating on you, you will find out. These things cannot be kept secret for very long.

5) Never be pathetic and needy just to make him/her pay attention to you or give you sympathy.

6) Never cheat, if you are in a long term relationship with someone you love, its never worth it and these things will always resurface.

7) Listen to your partner: sometimes, all your partners want is for you to lend an ear and be sympathetic about their problems. Being a good listener is all about paying attention to what they are saying and not blowing it off.

8) Always remind your partner how much he/she means to you.Women are not the only ones who need expressions of love and care, men need it too.

9) Encourage your partner: so he/she can be more successful at work. It will make your partner realise how much you care about his/her future. It will make his/her feelings grow even stronger.

Lastly, never be anything other than yourself around them,if they don’t show them all of you,they can love all of you!!
Thank me later!!

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